Title: Optimization and Statistical Evaluation of Cutting Tools and Parameters in Milling Inconel 718 Superalloy

Abstract:This study, face milling of Inconel 718 superalloy was conducted using coated inserts via dry cutting. The experimental study aimed to examine the influence of machining factors on cutting force through tests and statistical analysis. Taguchi and Response Surface Methods (RSM) were employed for statistical analysis. A Taguchi orthogonal experiment design consisting of 16 tests was utilized, with cutting tool, feed rate, and cutting speed as factors. Variance analysis was performed on the data. The analysis revealed that the most effective factor on GC2030\'s cutting forces was the cutting tool, accounting for 81.78% of the variance, followed by feed rate at 9.69%, and cutting speed at 4.76%. The validity of the regression equations obtained through the Response Surface Method was confirmed with an R² value of 99.64%. Integration of Taguchi and Response Surface Methods allowed for optimization, resulting in the lowest cutting force recorded at 232 N in the verification test. A comparison between experimental and prediction models demonstrated results with acceptable accuracy. Overall, the study provides valuable insights into the machining of Inconel 718 superalloy, with implications for optimizing cutting force in industrial applications.

Title: Antagonists of somatostatin and NK1 receptors synergistically induce catalepsy in middle-aged Wistar rats

Abstract:Objectives: A decrease in levels of somatostatin (SST) and substance P (SP) is observed in the parkinsonian brain. Previously, brain SST deficit in rats simulated by i.c.v. injections of SST receptor antagonist, cyclosomatostatin (cSST), was found to promote the development of catalepsy. The role of SP, a natural ligand of neurokinin-1 (NK1) receptors, in the development of catalepsy is currently unclear. Here, we evaluated whether simultaneous blockade of central somatostatin and NK1 receptors is able to initiate catalepsy and affect dopamine turnover in the nigrostriatal area of the brain. Materials and methods: The experiments were carried out on middle-aged Wistar rats. The blockade of somatostatin and NK1 receptors was simulated by intracerebroventricular injections of cSST and substance L-733,060, respectively. Catalepsy was evaluated by the bar test. The levels of dopamine and its metabolites in the dorsal striatum and substantia nigra were measured by using HPLC. Results: No catalepsy was induced by cSST at 1.0 �g and L-733,060 at 10.0 ng injected separately. However, co-administration of these agents initiated catalepsy and influenced dopamine metabolism in the nigrostriatal area. Cataleptogenic action of the combination was reversed by SP. Conclusion: The present findings testify that there is some sort of synergy between cSST and L-733,060 in initiation of catalepsy. In the light of these data, PD-related simultaneous brain deficit in SST and SP might be relevant for pathogenesis of extrapyramidal dysfunctions. Given the presented results, the processes mediated by central SST and NK1 receptors may be potential therapeutic targets for parkinsonism.


Abstract:The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of Digital Transformation (DT) on occupational health and safety practices in the healthcare sector. A survey was used to obtain the research data, and in the first part of this survey, "Demographic Questions" about the participants were included, in the second part, "Digital Transformation" scale and in the third part, "Occupational Health and Safety Practices Scale" questions were included. The population of the research was determined as the personnel working in public and private hospitals serving in Van. Research findings and recommendations were created by performing "Reliability", "Frequency", "Correlation", "Regression" and "ANOVA" analyzes on the data obtained from the surveys in the "SPSS 21" program. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that DTs in enterprises have a positive effect on occupational health and safety practices. In addition, it was determined that there was a statistical difference between demographic variables such as gender, age, educational status and length of service and DTs and occupational health and safety practices.

Title: A Novel Target Biomarker could be Galectin-3 for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration?

Abstract:The process of disc degeneration represents an abnormal, cell-mediated response leading to progressive structural failure. A degenerated disc is one with structural breakdown accelerated or accompanied by signs of advanced aging. It tends to exhibit degenerative and aging changes earlier than other connective tissues in the body. Given the relationship between back pain and disc degeneration, it\'s considered clinically significant. The roles of Galectin-3 in brain development, within glial cells, and their interaction with other neural and invading cells in pathological conditions have been observed. Successful nerve regeneration via functional repair involves both internal and external factors such as neurons\' ability to rebuild axons, support for axonal growth, and accessible target tissues for re-innervation. The study evaluated the role of Galectin protein in tissue regeneration and its potential as a diagnostic marker in Lumbar Herniated Disc degeneration. It was conducted on a total of 50 individuals, including 29 LD trauma cases and 21 healthy subjects, at the Brain Surgery Clinic. Assessing the expression of two molecules in Lumbar disc degeneration, no significant difference was found in resistin levels between groups (p=0.853), whereas Galectin levels were significantly different between the Control and LD (Lumbar disc) groups (p<0.001). Galectin protein secretion was found to be higher in the LD group compared to the control group. Early assessment of Galectin protein could provide insights into the level of degeneration, thus serving as a crucial criterion for evaluating the need for surgical treatment.

Title: Effect of oxygen-containing chemical fuel additives on energy, emission and engine combustion parameters for reducing carbon footprint

Abstract:There have been many research and development studies on the use of biodiesel fuels in compression ignition engines. In recent years, studies with ternary fuel blends formed with different additives to improve the performance characteristics of diesel/biodiesel fuel blends have gained importance. In this study, D80B20, D50B50, D30B50S20, and D30B50G20 fuel blends were formed by mixing biodiesel obtained from canola oil with pure diesel, solketal and butyl diglycol at different ratios. These fuel blends were tested in a compression ignition direct injection diesel engine at a constant engine speed of 3000 rpm and different engine load conditions and their engine performance, exhaust emission and combustion characteristics were investigated. In addition, the thermal and exergy efficiencies of these fuels were calculated as a result of thermodynamic analyses using the results obtained in experimental studies. Improvements in combustion performance (in-cylinder pressure, heat release rate, rate of pressure rise and cumulative heat release) and exhaust emissions (CO, HC and smoke) were observed with the addition of solketal and butyl diglycol to diesel-biodiesel binary fuel blends. Exhaust gas temperatures increased with the addition of solketal and butyl diglycol to the binary fuel blends. In the thermodynamic analysis, the lowest exergy destruction and total exergy losses were calculated for D30B50S20 fuel. Therefore, the highest thermal efficiency and exergy efficiency were realised in D30B50S20 fuel.

Title: Influence of Performance Expectancy and Government Support on Mobile Commerce Adoption among SMEs in Malaysia

Abstract:In developing nations like Malaysia, where there is a huge potential market for online businesses, the adoption of mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is still in its infancy. If Malaysia fails to seize the potential presented by the adoption of m-commerce, it would be more susceptible to economic upheavals. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out research on the variables influencing the adoption of m-commerce in Malaysia. This article aims to investigate the relationship between government support for m-commerce adoption among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the service industry and performance expectancy. This study used a quantitative methodology, and 396 SMEs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor that had previously used m-commerce provided primary data via a self-administered questionnaire. PLS-SEM was used to evaluate the data, and the results showed that the suggested model, which is regarded as strong, explained 58.4% of the variation in the dependent variable. The outcome demonstrates that government support and performance expectations have a major positive impact on SMEs\' adoption of mobile commerce. The results of this study can help other scholars understand how SMEs in Malaysia are adopting m-commerce.

Title: Corporate bankruptcy: Explanatory factors and costs

Abstract:Business failure is a very important subject that has been extensively studied by researchers from a wide range of disciplines; this work presents a theoretical reflection on the concept of failure, its explanatory approaches and its major direct and indirect repercussions. It presents two major contributions. Firstly, we look at the various studies that have investigated the reasons behind the onset of failure. Secondly, as regards the Moroccan context, this paper presents the impact of the default on Morocco, in particular: the regions most affected, banks, employment...

Title: The Existence Of Pamali In The Millennial Generation (A Study On Sociology Students Of Fisip Hasanuddin University)

Abstract:This study aims to determine the existence or existence of pamali in the millennial generation, especially in sociology students of umhas fisip. In addition, this research focuses on the values that exist in pamali which affect how behavior or actions that exist in this pamali. This research was conducted through a qualitative approach (describing, summarizing various conditions, situations, or phenomena of social reality. Determination of informants in this study followed a purposive procedure. The research informants are millennials who are in the age range of 22 to 35 years old and are grouped into two ethnicities, namely, Bugis and Makassar. Researchers collected data by making observations first, after that conducting interviews with informants, after that taking some documentation in the field. This research is qualitative research, for data analysis is carried out when first going to the research location after all the data obtained from the field is collected, then data processing is carried out by reducing data (Data Reduction). This millennial generation continues to carry out and implement recommendations related to the prohibitions or taboos contained in pamali. They believe that the teachings that have existed since the time of their ancestors must still be obeyed today. Because in the pamali culture there is an implicit meaning that contains principles governing social life. This millennial generation considers pamali to function as social control for someone in saying, acting or doing an activity.


Abstract:These increasingly sophisticated developments make employees or the public follow the lifestyle of this modern era, which of course makes technology more sophisticated and more accessible for all the needs we have. One of them is to facilitate needs; The Shopee application is the choice of government employees to meet fashion needs and have the desired fashion lifestyle. The influence of lifestyle is very influential in the choice of fashion which has an impact on the use of the Shopee application. The purpose of this study was to find out what lifestyle influences on government employees at the Gowa Regent\'s Office. This type of research is qualitative; the researcher used the Purposive Sampling Technique, which is a strategy if someone wants to be able to understand certain selected cases without generalizing to all cases. This research is divided into two categories of data sources: primary data and secondary data. Data collection techniques used in this study were observational interviews and documentation. The data management technique is carried out through four stages, namely data reduction, data presentation, and technical analysis of the intensity of using the Shopee application among civil servants in terms of lifestyle in using the Shopee application, which draws conclusions. The results of this study indicate that the intensity of using the Shopee application is influenced by work environment factors, the desire to be recognized and cared for at work, and product offerings that are almost the same as well-known products. at affordable prices. The implementation of this research is expected to provide an overview of the intensity of using the Shopee application to support the lifestyle of government employees so that they are not reckless or follow trends that are not useful or only to be recognized at work and are smarter in choosing jobs. lifestyle according to finances.


Abstract:This research aims at three main stages, namely Hajj Registration, Hajj Coaching, and Hajj Departure. The registration phase includes interaction between the community and officers, highlighting the importance of direct communication to influence community quality and satisfaction. Although integrated services have been implemented with the Integrated Hajj Computerized System, some files still have to be prepared manually. This research was conducted in Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi Province, located at the Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Wajo Regency which focuses on the Integrated Hajj and Umrah Service Center. This study uses qualitative research with the type of description research using data collection techniques through observation, interviews, and documentation at the Integrated Hajj and Umrah Service Center. The results showed that the Hajj information services provided by the Integrated Hajj and Umrah Service Center were very good. Employees there provide satisfaction and comfort to prospective pilgrims\' waiting lists or the public who have questions or concerns regarding pilgrim registration or procedures. Hajj services meet passionate, progressive, proactive, and positive indicators. Interpersonal communication used by PLHUT superiors and employees to the community is also proven to be good by using openness, empathy, positive attitude, supportive attitude, and equality