Title: A Fractional Order Thermoelastic Problem of a Thick Plate Heated by Moving Heat Sources

Abstract:Abstract\n In this work, we apply the fractional order theory of thermoelasticity to a problem of a thick plate subjected to moving heat sources on each face. We have used integral transform techniques, namely, the Laplace transform for the time variable and the exponential Fourier transform for one of the space variables. The temperature, thermal stresses, and the displacement distributions are obtained for different values of the fractional parameter and different times on both the middle plane and the surface of the plate. The results are represented graphically.

Title: Long-Term Storage Impairs Germination and Emergence with Coleoptile Length and Shoot Traits of Bread Wheat Cultivars

Abstract:Insight on the scope of genetic variation between the varieties in terms of seed germinability, emergency, coleoptile length and seedling growth traits of long-term storage is useful for the improvement of approaches for long-term conservation of crop genetic resources. It was studied here the genetic variability in seed germination and seedling emergence rates with coleoptile length, root and shoot traits after long-term natural ageing through 7 years of storage and non-storage (control) in 19 bread wheat varieties with or without RhtB1a, RhtB1b and RhtD1b. Synthesizing these findings with broader patterns of crop growth suggested that long-term storage impaired investigated traits, however the most decline was obtained about 50% in seedling emergence rate in 7 d. Despite the reduction on average emergence rates, two varieties, Kate A1 and Flamura 85 seemed to not as affected considerably by long-term storage compared to other varieties. Moreover, semi-dwarf varieties with RhtB1b generally had shorter seedling shoot length and coleoptile length with a few exceptions. The findings here further indicated that coleoptile length had significant and positive association with shoot length (r=0.72**) and seedling emergence rate in 7 d (r=0.60**) as well as root length (r=0.35**), shoot mass (r=0.43**), root mass (r=0.19*), seed germination rate (r=0.29**). Collectively, the products of the study were summarized in this paper in order to serve as a guide for any researcher undertaking to elucidate mechanisms underlying reason of long-term storage at high ambient room temperature.

Title: Model of Educational Technology Implementation in Learning of The Senior High Schools (SMAs / MAs) in Central Java Province Indonesia

Abstract:The development of social, science, and technology confirms the urgency of the implementation of education technology (ET) in learning. The purposes of this study are: 1) to analyze the description of ET implementation at schools in various manifestations, 2) to analyze, in order to reconstruct the factual model of ET implementation, 3) developing model on ET implementation in learning at schools; 4) test the feasibility of models. The method of this research is Research and Development (R and D) design with 4 main step that is preliminary study, empirical model reconstruction, hypothetical model construction, and model validation and justification. The subjects of this research are Senior high schools in Rembang Regency as outermost regency in Central Java Province. The results of this research are: 1) ET implementation manifestation in learning, including: a) ET as learning source is sufficient category, b) ET as e-learning is less category, c) the teacher’s understanding of the ET is satisfactory category, d) ET as the quality of learning in the good category, and e) ET as the quality assurance is in the less category. 2) the factual model of ET implementation in facilitating and improving the learning performance in Senior high schools can be divided into: a) based on the realization (ET as: learning media, learning process, utilization of learning resources, and utilization of ICT for learning, b) based on the nature of implementation model of “conventional”, “unorganized”, and “organized”), and c) based on the main initiator (individual and structural).

Title: Modulatory Effects of some Medical Herbs on Hormonal and Neurotransmitter Impairments in Rats with Neuro-Disorder

Abstract:The objective of this study was to investigate the modulator effect of Ginkgo biloba or/and ginseng against aluminum neuro-toxicity. Forty adult male albino rats were classified into five groups. The 1st one was represented as control group. The 2nd group was treated orally by 100mgAlCl3.6H2O/ kg.bwt (5days/week) for 12weeks. The 3rd group was treated with oral dose of Ginkgo biloba (200mg/kg.bwt/day) for one month after received AlCl3 as previous mentioned. The 4th group was treated orally with ginseng (200mg/kg.bwt/day) for one month later after received AlCl3. The 5th group was treated with both Ginkgo biloba and ginseng as previous mention after received AlCl3. The results showed that administration of AlCl3 to rats induced a significant (p<0.05) increase in the levels of serum NPY as well as brain homogenate of AchE, B-FABP, amyloid β-peptide, MDA and TNO. Also, the data noticed a significant (p<0.05) decrease in the levels of serum OX-A and FT3 as well as Ach, Bcl-2, BDNF, GSH, GPx, SOD and CAT in brain tissue. While, no remarkable changes were recorded in serum OX-B and FT4 as compared to control animal group. A remarkable correction in all previous studied parameters was observed in the neurotoxic rat groups after treated with Ginkgo biloba or/and ginseng. It could be concluded that brain is particularly susceptible to aluminum toxicity whereas, treatment with Ginkgo biloba or/and ginseng improve all studied parameters. So, they can be considered in combination as a promising drug for neuro-disorder.

Title: Big Data Processing Solution: Hadoop

Abstract:Big data is a huge amount of data which comes from various sources in the form of logs, blogs, emails, and other information and is growing at exponential rate. It is in structured, unstructured, and massive homogenous & heterogeneous form. Due to this, traditional technologies are unable to store, manage and process such huge volume of data. In addition, various technical as well non-technical issues are associated with this huge data. To overcome this, Apache software foundation has developed a system tool called Apache Hadoop. It is one of the most highly used technologies which can handle the large volume of data as well as provide high-speed access to the data within the current application. Therefore, Hadoop is synonymous with the term big data. This paper revolves around the big data processing solution Hadoop and its components with some more details which consist of MapReduce and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). The details provided can be used for developing large-scale distributed applications and for deriving most of the benefits of computational powers of several nodes for data and compute-intensive applications. In addition, the paper also contains the applications of Hadoop in different fields.

Title: An Efficient Approach to Database Cache Optimization using Predictive Working Sets in Cloud Environment.

Abstract:Many applications are hosted on cloud databases where several applica-\ntions share the same database instance. Such database management system exhibits periodic behavior in terms of data references. For example US customer\'s accesses data\nin particular time while Japanese customers accesses data in some other time. The pe-\nriodicity of data references is translated into periodic block references. This periodicity\nof block references can be used to improve cache performance by improving block re-\nplacement policy. This paper proposes a novel cache replacement policy by considering\nperiodicity of references of database blocks. It also proposes how to estimate probabil-\nity of block reference in time interval using Parzen window, and determines working\nset based on probability and denes the cache management policy using this working\nset. The experimentation shows considerable improvement of hit ratio as performance\nmeasure of buer cache management as compared to other state of art determining\nalgorithms.

Title: Determinant of Good School Governance Factor in Stakeholder Cooperation Mediation on Performance Improvement

Abstract:Early Childhood Education (PAUD) is the main and first pillar of education in order to create quality human beings from an early age. This study aims to analyze the dominant factors of good school governance in mediating parent partnerships and supervisor partnerships that have an important role in supporting management performance. The research method is quantitative with survey approach through questionnaire to the respondents analyzed using Path to reveal the role of good school governance in mediating stakeholder cooperation to improve performance of Post PAUD. The result shows that the role of good school governance is very high with the average of 85.1%, which means that Post PAUD has implemented a transparent, accountable, responsible, show performance, directed and fair system. Path analysis shows that the supervisor partnership has a direct effect of 0.176 and indirectly through good school governance of 0.263 × 0.372 = 0,098 on the performance of Post PAUD. The parent partnership has a direct effect of 0.200 and indirectly through good school governance of 0.628 × 0.372 = 0.234 to the performance of Post PAUD. Good school governance has proven to be a variable mediating relationships of supervisor partnerships and parent partnerships and influencing Post PAUD performance.

Title: Stabilize Of Double Inverted Pendulum Using Optimum pole placement Controller Based on ABC Algorithm

Abstract:Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABC) is one of the popular algorithms of using the intelligence of swarm bees. The ABC algorithm mimics foraging and dance behaviors of real bee colonies. It has high performance and success for numerical optimization problems. Although the exploration of solution of ABC algorithm is good exploitation to found food sources is very bad. The aim of this work is to stabilize double inverted pendulum system by selection of pole placement parameters using bio-inspired optimization technique of ABC by tuning closed loop poles to specified location. The application of ABC to the pole placement controller imparts it the ability of tuning itself automatically in an on-line process. Simulation is done and compared with pole placement to show the efficiency and feasibility of proposed approach.

Title: Investigation of Western Anatolia region Turgutlu-Manisa (Turkey) clays by FTIR spectroscopy

Abstract:FTIR transmission and DRIFT spectroscopy were used for the examination of the clay samples obtained from Turgutlu-Manisa (Turkey) study area situated in the Gediz Graben in Western Anatolia region. The FTIR spectra of the standard clay minerals “The World Source Clay Minerals”, being illite, illite-smectite mixed layer, kaolinite, montmorillonite, Ca-montmorillonite, Na-montmorillonite, palygorskite, chlorite (ripidolite), were first taken, following which the spectra of gypsum, anhydrite, quartz+feldspar, illite+quartz+feldspar were taken along with the standard clays. The identification of the minerals, which were included in the samples obtained from the study area, was performed as a result of the comparison of their FTIR spectra with the FTIR spectra of the standard clay minerals and XRD results. The presence of the O-H, Al-Al-OH, Al-Mg-OH, and Si-O-Si groups has been determined in the FTIR spectrum measurements of the samples of the lower, middle and upper levels of Turgutlu-Manisa clay profiles. Moreover, a T-O-T (tetrahedral-octahedral-tetrahedral) smectite structure has been identified in these clay samples including illite, calcite, illite-smectite mixed layer, feldspar, Na-montmorillonite, quartz, gypsum and these silicate samples.


Abstract:For the first time in this article, the authors consider the phenomenon of super graphics as a street art in the organization of the environmental space of the modern city on the example of Russia and Turkey. The Problem of emergence and development of an supergraphics in urban open spaces at the present time is of particular relevance, as Russia is, once again, still looking to the West, trying to take a new look at urbanization environmental space, finally remembering about the Russian mentality, social environment and spiritual culture of the personality of the inhabitants of the Russian cities, as consumers of street art. \nStreet-art of the 21st century actively and rapidly occupies a special niche in the world culture of the civilized world. This new mean of self-expression and uncovering the abilities of the artist. This is modern art, which claims to artistic autonomy and cultural identity. \nThe phenomenon of supergraphics as street-art is to create expressive contrast of the environment of the urban space while simultaneously establishing communication between the residents of the city, different social groups and communities. If we consider supergraphics as public art, it is necessary to classify it under the latest directions of urban art, as the aesthetics of the urban environment which is due to the synthesis of the arts and realized at a new historical stage of development of world culture.\nThe aim of the research is the scientific study of the phenomenon of an supergraphik and identifying the stages of its evolutionary development, definition of its principles and functions.\nMethods the study was historical analysis, the study of an supergraphics as the aesthetics of the modern city, its imagery and compositional expressiveness as the structure of the architectural object, system method, the color-graphical analysis as an supergraphics design object design, the empirical method of scientific cognition of the urban environment through observation, field survey, interviews and surveys with residents.