Title: The first catalogue of fungal species isolated from strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) plants grown in two localities (Moulay Bousselham and Louamra) in Morocco

Abstract:The present study reports the repartition of fungal species isolated from strawberry plant grown in Morrocan farms across the world. The fourty four species belong to four phylums Basidiomycota, Ascomycota, Zygomycota, Oomycota divided in 7 classes in which the sordariomycetes classe is represented by the majority of species (22), followed by Dothideomycetes (12), Eurotiomycetes (Aspergillus nidulans), Leotiomycetes (Botrytis cinerea), Zygomycetes (Rhizopus stolonifer) and Oomycetes (Phytophthora cactorum). Among these species, Botrytis cinerea and Colletotrichum acutatum widely dominate. In the other hand, this work confirms the apparition of new species on this crop in Morocco and somewhere else.


Abstract:Leadership is a subject that has been discussed within organizations and universities. It is a great challenge to make people capable of developing their skills, in special the leadership, and through them to achieve special results. This paper presents a research on how the subject is treated within universities by the opinion of students and professionals that had already finished their courses. An exploratory research was carried out and a questionnaire was answered by leaders and trainees from one of the units of a big industry. The results showed that the leadership has been discussed within the universities. 61% of the participants stated that they had subjects or activities that were directly or indirectly related to the leader role. The participants answered that identifying and developing people are the most important leader role, which is similar to a professor who, as a coach of students and future leaders, are not often prepared to develop this skill on people and students. Although the leadership is discussed or experienced in university courses, there is still a lack of discussion about this subject by teachers and students, so that professionals are actually formed and be capable of developing other people to face current global problems.

Title: Sukuk versus Conventional Bonds

Abstract:Islamic bonds (Sukuk) have emerged as an innovative capital market instrument over the past decade. The document aims to compare Islamic obligations correctly call Sukuk in relation to treaty obligations. Sukuk are relatively new assets in the Islamic financial space and are gaining much popularity, especially among people who follow Sharia law, because they want an asset that can be compared to bonds. The material uses nonparametric statistics to perform the analysis because this is the correlation in the return data.

Title: Sustainable Ethical Culture in Family Owned Businesses

Abstract:Building an ethical culture is challenging and a basic requirement of the companies to embed transparency in their systems, creating a positive image; serving the internal and external communities. This paper based on detailed interviews of 12 family owned businesses over a period of 16 months explores how these companies build the ethical culture, identifying the ethical culture sustainability triggers, challenges and role of religion in such practices. The values, culture, community and social norms are identified as major ingredients of a sustainable ethical culture development and implementation of the ethical policies and procedures require institutional and structural mechanisms for effectiveness in family owned businesses. The findings at numerous occasions are in contrast to the literature, whereas, in other instances are similar. The religion, society, family image, the entrepreneurs themselves and their family members play a vital role. Non-interference in private matters of the employees, whistle blowing, code of ethics, training and awareness creation and a number of other factors play a leading role in ethical culture development in family businesses.

Title: COWORKING SPACES: identificacao e analise de potenciais vantagens para os profissionais de Educacao a Distancia no Brasil

Abstract:O tema central deste artigo é a atuação do profissional de Educação a Distância (EaD) no contexto da economia criativa, no Brasil, na contemporaneidade. Este estudo de casos múltiplos, de natureza descritiva, teve abordagem qualitativa e foi desenvolvido durante o primeiro semestre de 2018 na Região Metropolitana da Baixada Santista, no litoral do estado de São Paulo. O objetivo do estudo foi analisar as potenciais vantagens para o profissional que atua em EaD ao trabalhar em espaços de cowork. Foi possível constatar duas principais vantagens aos profissionais/usuários: possibilidade de estabelecimento e manutenção de rede de relacionamentos (networking) e oportunidades de negócios e o acesso a infraestrutura, equipamentos e boa localização em áreas comerciais de centros urbanos a um preço módico, consumido sob demanda.

Title: When Academics Craft their Jobs: Antecedents and Consequences

Abstract:The purpose of this article is to explore the antecedents and consequences of job crafting among academics. Supportive learning environment and leadership that reinforces learning were tested for their impact (Garvin et al., 2008). 217 academics from Yarmouk University have participated in this study. Statistics and some qualitative measures supported the significant impact of two learning organization building blocks on job crafting using Structural Equation Modelling with Amos for data fit. Results of the study revealed that both supportive learning environment and leadership that reinforces learning have a positive significant impact on job crafting and job crafting has an impact on academics’ job satisfaction. Findings suggest that strategies conducive for learning offer the most promising approach to enhancing academic job crafting and job satisfaction. Recommendations and directions for future research are presented.

Title: Impact of Organizational Ambidexterity on Environmental Turbulence of telecommunication companies in Jordan: Resource Flexibility as a Moderator

Abstract:This paper presents how environmental turbulence may affected by organizational ambidexterity in the presence of resource flexibility. This study applied on Zain telecommunication Company working in Jordan. The population of the study consists of managers at different levels. A questionnaire-based survey was used to collect data. The questionnaire was distributed to the whole population of study, 160 were valid for statistical analysis. In order to achieve the study objectives, and to test study hypotheses, PLS program was used. The results of the study indicate that organizational ambidexterity able to control environmental turbulence, and Organizational flexibility plays an important role in increasing the ability of the Jordanian telecommunications sector to cope with environmental turbulence and volatility


Abstract:As being one of the most pivotal economic reformations in uzbekistan, eloberation of governing system is becoming increasingly important. Accordding to strategies of actions directed to development of Uzbekistan in 2017 and 2021 on 5 directions, ‘’in economic improvement and liberation, maintaining a high economical increase rate and reinforcing macroeconomic stability, increasing competiveness of national economy’’1(resolution of the president of Uzbekistan in 2017 7th February “resolution number 4749” strategies of actions directed to development of Uzbekistan between 2017 and 2021on five directions) [1] in solving one of the most imperative problems of this, analyzing and conducting an internal audit in household businesses, plays a tremendous role.\nIn our country, in the process of liberation and development of economy, various household businesses, property owners, creditors, debtors, renters and remedial workers, providers, consumers finally, governmental institutions’ benefits form. Precisely, causes of liberating prices, difficulties associate with controlling economy, will worsen the firms’ capability of payment as well as damage participators’ benefits in household businesses. As a result, the issue of ensuring the financial condition and stability of household businesses emerge.\nIn our opinion, system of internal audit allows firms discovering the way of controlling process of their financial situation. This in turn, will result in, alleviations of negative effects which occurs between the manufacturing functionality and expenditure allocation on this and efficient ruling decisions.\nAbovementioned principles, in firms’ internal audit system, creates neccesity for taking investigative actions on assessing their financial situations and finding ways of enhancing their budget relaying on only internal reserves.


Abstract:The article shows how the increasing penetration of digital technologies into various spheres of the life leads to the need to change a number of institutions, first, economics institutions that ensure the functioning of a market economy. In addition, definition of digital economy, concept of digital economy, technological developments specific to digital economy, share of ICT in gross national product, analysis of some indicators of communication and information also covered in the article.


Abstract:This paper deals with the construction of prospective scenarios following the exit from the United Kingdom of the European Union (Brexit), focusing on results that could impact the logistics activities of Aeronautics in Europe. This approach is relevant given the increasing participation of the European market in Aeronautical logistics, whose activities are essential to the maintenance of its operationality. The aim of this research is to build the most relevant post-Brexit scenario for the development of these activities in Europe for a ten-year horizon. This purpose will be reached through a bibliographical, exploratory and qualitative research, developed under a methodology of construction of prospective scenarios proposed by Schwartz, complemented with elements of the methodological proposals of Marcial, Grumbach and Godet. The research evidenced that the way in which Brexit will proceed and the possibility of other countries following the British initiative are the critical variables of the model obtained. Of the four scenarios constructed, it is highlighted as of greater relevance to the logistics of the Aeronautics in Europe that derived from a hard Brexit or no-deal Brexit associated to the exit of other countries of the European Union, whose in-depth study is relevant for the planning of the entity in the face of possible disruptions in its supply chain.