Title: Enhancement of Data Security with Reduced Energy Consumption in WMSN

Abstract:The Wireless medical sensor network consists of group of sensors to monitor the patient health status. It is used by the patients who have chronic diseases and also by the people who needs to monitor their health status. The collected patient data are transmitted to the doctor’s place or to the hospital server for diagnosis. While transmission, the data can be hacked by the attackers. As the patient data is most sensitive it requires confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. At the same time, the security techniques applying on medical data has to be lightweight. As it has to reduce energy consumption and perform fast data transmission. So, the paper presents the lightweight cryptographic methods and compares the performance of lightweight symmetric algorithms. From the comparison, the Speck algorithm is chosen as the best lightweight symmetric algorithm and combined with Cipher text Policy –Attribute Based Encryption to provide privacy to the medical data. The experimental result proves the lightweight cryptographic algorithm reduces energy consumption and also provides required security to WMSN. The comparison of the computation time and energy consumption of the proposed system with the existing systems is shown in results.

Title: Modified Karnik-Mendel Algorithm of interval type-2 fuzzy controller

Abstract:This research paper simulatesType1 and interval type2 fuzzy controller in MATLAB. Modification in KarnikMendel Algorithm have been proposed. To calculate interval type2 fuzzy system s output, a main step called Typereduced was used for this operation, based on KarnikMendel Algorithm which use arithmetic mean to calculate control output. We propose to change the arithmetic mean by cubic mean. The modified interval type2 controller will be compared to type1 fuzzy controller to control manipulator robot. Efficient dynamics were developed as per Matlab, which requires a smaller amount of time for simulation. The performance of two fuzzy systems with and without noise are compared in terms of integral of squared error. The amount of errors in case of modified interval Type 2 fuzzy controller is around four times smaller than Type1 fuzzy controller in the presented work. The proposed modification in type reduction of KarnikMendel algorithm for interval Type2 fuzzy set is showing best performance.

Title: The research of symbolic features to bond identities’ users and designed objects in order to optimize design projects

Abstract:Traditionally, a combination of the designer�s experience and the consumers� preferences are considered to generate the lead concept of a design project. However, these features are not enough to warrant designed objects to become an experience for consumers, and symbolically rooted, in such a way it is necessary to go beyond a conventional research in order to get a deep meaningful experience. Therefore, a way to improve the processes of optimize design projects is by incorporating the research related to symbolic features of consumers. So, the aim of this paper is to consider the use of symbolic techniques in research with the objective of deepen in the representative features of users to create design concepts to optimize design projects.


Abstract:A significant segment within the sustainable development of agricultural production and economic prosperity is production in controlled conditions, such as production in greenhouses and glasshouses. This type of production enables intensive use of land throughout the year, whereby incomparably higher incomes and employment can be achieved than in the case of classical crop production. In the Republic of Serbia, vegetable production is almost entirely concentrated on family farms, which are the most important production unit, both in production potentials, as well as in production volume. Considering the importance of family farms, the subject of this study is a comparative analysis of vegetable production on family farms, namely, vegetable production in greenhouses, as well as open-air vegetable production. In this context, the paper presents two models for optimizing vegetable production structure, using the method of linear programming and the software package "LINDO". The first model refers to vegetable production in greenhouses (variant I) and the second one is formulated for open-air vegetable production (variant II). Model solving and analysis have pointed to differences in optimal sowing - planting structure, in the number of independent variables or vegetables included in models, and in realized net income where variant I achieved higher net income per hectare and higher production economy.

Title: Determining the Self-Esteem and Decision-Making Styles of Turkish Volleyball Referees

Abstract:This study was conducted to determine the self-esteem and decision making styles of volleyball referees. 524 individuals from among the active referees affiliated with the Turkish Volleyball Federation, Central Committee of Referees and Observers, voluntarily participated in the study. To collect research data, the personal data form developed by the researchers and the Melbourne Decision Making Scale I-II were used. Frequency, independent sample t-test and one-way variance analysis were done for statistical evaluation of the data obtained. When the average self-esteem score of the volleyball referees was evaluated in terms of gender, it was found that the self-esteem of male referees was higher than female referees, and there was a statistically significant difference between the two groups (p <0.01). When the sub-dimensions of decision-making styles of the referee divisions were evaluated by using one-way variance analysis, no statistically significant difference was found between the divisions in terms of careful decision-making (p> 0.05), whereas statistically significant differences were found between them in terms of the levels of avoidant and delayed decision-making (p<0,05), and in terms of panic decision-making (p<0,01). All sub-dimensions with significant differences were found to be in favor of Division A referees.

Title: Effect of calcium phosphate synthesis conditions on its physico-chemical properties and evaluation of its antibacterial activity

Abstract:The antibacterial activity of non-Stoichiometric calcium phosphate particles prepared by precipitation under controlled experimental conditions at pH~9 and sintered at high temperature was studied against Staphylococcus aureusbacteria. The effects of operating parameters developed (designed) according to an experimental design of Plackett-Burman typeon the physicochemical characteristics and the capacity to inhibit bacterial growth were identified using a thermal analysis (TGA-DTA-DSC). X-Ray Diffraction (XR), Raman Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and the Kirby Bauer Method. The XRD spectrum shows that the synthetic crystalline nanoparticles powders consist of multiphasic calcium phosphate ?-TCP/?-CPP/OCP/HA and that the average particle size is between 56 and 123 nm calculated by the Debay-Shearer equation. The Raman spectrum of sintered powder shows the main absorption bands that are assigned to the asymmetric / symmetric P-O stretching vibrations in PO4-3 and the symmetric O-H stretching mode of the hydroxyl groupin addition of Ca-PO4 and Ca-OH modes. The samples were found to possess different morphologies consisting of Nano-rods of different lengths, semi / spherical structures and fine granules, in addition to irregular Clusters. The antibacterial tests results showed that the high concentration calcium phosphate powder exhibited better antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus bacteria with inhibition zones ranging from 0.2-0.7 cm.

Title: An Enhance the Overall Security of Internet Technology from Intrusion Detection Using Feature Optimization Techniques

Abstract:Web search technology composed an important technology for data sharing between the networks. In recent years, internet technology suffers from security problems for data transfer and intrusion in heavy traffic is commonly observed. A number of security techniques are providing to secure the system for good communication on the internet. There are lots of technologies available to secure the communication network. In UCI repository available dataset of intrusion detection is Knowledge Discovery Dataset CUP’1999 dataset of DARPA is an Intrusions Detection dataset. We can apply dataset for feature optimization. We can use optimized dataset and reduce the unimportant features of the dataset from the KDD99 dataset by applying the decision tree, support vector machine, ensemble algorithm, and principal component analysis. The aim of our paper has reduced the features of the dataset for finding an intruder in an easy way. When we are using Extreme Learning Machine with particle swarm optimization based extreme learning machine (PSO-ELM) and Genetic algorithm based extreme learning machine (GA-ELM) then the accuracy is 99.94% and 99.9% respectively.

Title: Impact of palliative care/medicine on realization of \

Abstract:Aim: to define the content, interpretation and understanding of palliative care / medicine in the context of the development of modern biomedicine with the priority of the role of protection and respect for human rights, while focusing on the categories of seriously ill and their implementation of \"the right to life\", \"the right to health\", and \"The right to death\".\nMaterials and methods: the study was conducted on the basis of the analysis of normative legal acts, jurisprudence, relevant scientific and statistical data that regulate the issues of palliative and hospice care, euthanasia and their interconnection. Comparative palliative care in different countries was based on theoretical sources, legislation of the countries and the \"Quality of Death Index\". The overview of the laws of the world was done and it was found that the country in which the euthanasia is legally possible; countries where it is not prohibited and the countries criminal law which establishes the prohibition of euthanasia with further punishment for its implementation.\nResults: The statistics of recent years show that the majority of diseases, which in the future lead to incurable diseases, in which both patients and relatives find themselves in the path of despair and fear. In such circumstances the need for palliative care constantly ascending aye. In this context, questions arise as to the understanding of the nature of palliative care / medicine as a combination of therapeutic measures or a decent completion of life linking these two areas with the realization of such rights as the right to life, health, and death. In the context of the latter, the understanding of the role and place of euthanasia is becoming apparent not only for the severely ill, but also for healthy people, based on the desire for a decent completion of life and the impossibility of committing suicide, which is a punishable act.\nThat is why the importance of palliative care/medicine is necessary, first of all, from the legal point of view and the protection of human rights, which is the priority of every democratic state.\nConclusions: palliative care/medicine must have a clear understanding and legal consolidation at both the international and national levels, based on the concept of essence \"pain\" through a set of measures to right ted for rehabilitation or worthy end of life, in a speech last activity search effective ways to avoid future life-threatening cases. Therefore, palliative aid/medicine serves some basis for the rights to a decent life worthy of death of people with the prospect of an overall strategy of healthy and decent life for future generations.


Abstract:The study of agricultural wastes into biomass is an approach on the way to the growth of alternative energy sources. Artocarpus Heterophyllus Leaves (AHL) powder can be utilized as an alternative energy source to coal. Densification of scum’s depends upon its physical properties and process parameters. In this article the influence of Moisture Content (MC) and Die Pressure (DP) on Relaxed Density (RD) of AHL Powder were studied. The investigation was carried out to explore the properties of fuel briquettes manufactured from AHL. The investigation on scientific model for a synthesized assessment was reputable according to response surface methodology (RSM). Based on the RSM, a most favorable method was preferred for a completely operational AHL briquette utilizing central composite design. ANOVA is utilized to find out the significant factor that influencing the relaxed density was die pressure compared to that of moisture content. From the numerical optimization, the ramp graph exposed that samples are effectively compressed at the pressure of 30.18 MPa and the moisture content of 17 % with relaxed density 733.075 kg/m3 and some useful conclusions were made.


Abstract:Introduction: The brain is one of the most sensitive tissues that lead poisoning affects and the nervous system is at higher risk of lead toxicity. Aim: The aim of study was to investigate the influence of aqueous extract of Ocimum gratissimum (OG) leaves on lead-induced toxicity on the cerebrum of adult Wistar rats. Methods: Thirty five adult Wistar rats were randomly assigned into seven groups of five rats each. Group 1 was the Control, Group 2 was given lead acetate only, Group 3, received 375mg/kg body weight (bwt) of the extract only, Group 4 received 375mg/kgbwt of the extract and lead acetate, Group 5 received 750mg/kgbwt of the extract and lead acetate, Group 6 received 375mg/kgbwt of the extract and then lead acetate while Group 7 was given 1,190 mg/kgbwt of Vit. C and then lead acetate. All the animals received120mg/kgbwt of lead acetate and the administration lasted 21 days through oral route.At the end, the rats were sacrificed, blood was collected for analysis of oxidative stress markers and the brains were removed, fixed, processed and stained for histological studies. Results: The result showed the mean value of Catalase was significantly higher in Group 1 compared to Groups 2, 3and 4 (P?0.05) with a mean value of 13.50�0.50; 9.13�1.05; 11.00�0.27 and 11.83�0.64 respectively. The mean vale of Glutathione in Group 2 (1.20�0.56) showed significant decrease when compared to the Control Group (2.43�0.35) (P?0.05). Histological study revealed normal cerebral cyto-architecture in the granular cell layer of the brain in the Group 1, while the rats inGroup 2, showed marked distortion of the layers of the cerebral cortex, proliferations of glial cells, area of cortical degeneration with fatty necrosis and neuronal degenerations of the cells and the presence of vacuoles. The treated Groups showed regeneration of cerebral tissues and neuronal cells when compared to lead only treated group.Conclusion: The ability of the OG extract to restore the cyto-architecture of the cerebrum and reduce neurodegeneration of cells was dose-dependent which showed that the aqueous extract of OG leaves may be beneficial in the management of lead toxicity involving oxidative stress.