Title: A Microstrip-Line-Fed Printed Rotated Wide Slot Antenna Based on Self Shape Blending Algorithm

Abstract:In this paper, a printed microstrip-line-fed antenna based on self shape blending algorithm is\ndesigned to completely cover the 2.4/5.2/5.8-GHz WLAN bands and 2.5/3.5/5.5-GHz WiMAX bands.by\nimprove the bandwidth of the antenna. By using self shape blending algorithm, the shape of the rotating\nslot and the parasitic patch is changed. This excites additional resonance, which makes impedance\nmatching at high frequencies better. Measured results show that the proposed antenna can operate from\n2.26GHz to 6.13 GHz with a reflection coefficient less than -10dB. Compared with the microstrip line-fed\nprinted rotating slot antenna without shape blending algorithm, the bandwidth of the antenna increases by\nmore than 0.7GHz. The obtained impedance bandwidth reaches expected targets. The experiment indicates\nthat by choosing the right point to merge, the bandwidth enhancement can be achieved. And self shape\nblending algorithm can be used to optimize other kinds of antennas. The impact of the antenna geometry\non the impedance bandwidth has been simulated, investigated and analyzed.

Title: Transaction Cost Economics analysis in product development: case study in an aircraft manufacturing company in Brazil

Abstract:Some manufacturers demonstrate outstanding ability in developing new and complex products with the participation of important partners, sharing risks, investments and taking advantage of complementary knowledge between companies. Partnerships, governed through contracts, present transaction costs. This research has brought the concepts worldwide of Transaction Cost Economics and its attributes to investigate and analyze the transactions that occur during product development. A case research was conducted at one of the world\'s largest aircraft manufacturers. The results were the confirmation that transaction costs are presented in product development and a deeper description on how transaction cost are presented on each of the product development transactions analyzed, showing the presence or absence of assets specificity, high frequency of exchange and moral hazard. For product development theory, this research has contributed when it relates aspects of transaction costs as potential causes of misalignments and mistrust in partnerships pointed in the current literature. This research confirms the theoretical assumptions and provides a new method for analyzing transaction costs that can be applicable in other empirical studies. The practitioners find in this study a knowledge that can be used to improve current procedures, be it in hiring partners or in defining a dynamical governance strategy as well.


Abstract:Debates over economic growth generally focus on factor supply, especially capital accumulation, and technological capacity. Quality of human life, distribution of national income among citizens are evaluated in terms of their effects on growth performance, in this study. The relationship between growth, human development, and income distribution in Turkey is analyzed with ARDL test using the data of 1990-2017 period. Findings indicate that the series are cointegrated. A long run relationship was determined between Gross Domestic Product per capita (GDP), and human development index (HDI) and the measure of income distribution, namely the Gini coefficient (GINI). Granger causality test indicates a unidirectional causality from HDI to GDP. Based on the long-run estimation results, it has been observed that there is a positive and statistically significant relationship between GDP and HDI, while there is a negative and statistically significant relationship between GDP and GINI, in the long-run.

Title: A novel QoS-aware Evolutionary algorithm based Vertical handoff decision algorithms for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Abstract:Evolutionary algorithms are extensively utilized in immeasurable applications of wire-less communication networks. The issue of Heterogeneous Wire-less Network (HWN) is granting seamless connectivity. To make Vertical Handover Decision (VHD) for giving Vertical Handover (VHO) by means of maximizing the system load along with battery power consumption of User Equipment (UE), an evolutionary-based handoff decision utilizing Modified Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm (MFFOA) is proposed by cogitating the synthesis of constraints, for instance velocity, System load, Received Signal Strength along with battery lifetime. The proposed work is simulated amid WiMax and WiFi. The proposed algorithm’s simulation outcome considerably lessens the selection rate by 55% when contrasted with the data rate-based, RSS- based algorithms along with cost function-based methods in respects of call dropping probability, battery lifetime along with load distribution. This reduction guaranteed a seamless connection and also upgrades the user satisfaction by 55% when weighed against the available network selection techniques. In addition, end-to-end delay along with throughput for ‘2’ scenarios for instance handoff as of WiFi to WiMax and as of WiMax to WiFi networks are analyzed


Abstract:In this article, we study a new class of initial value problems for\nfractional neutral functional differential equations within nite delay involving a Caputo fractional derivative. The Krasnoselskii-Schaefer type fixed point theorem is applied to obtain the existence of solution of the given problem. At the end, we provide an example to demonstrate the main results.

Title: Mechanical and microstructural properties of coconut shell based light weight geopolymer concrete blended with ground granulated blast furnace slag

Abstract:The aim of this study is to investigate the mechanical and microstructural properties of GGBS based geo polymer light weight concrete. Several proportions of mixes were trialed with GGBS as binder, M.Sand as fine aggregate and coconut shell (CS) as coarse aggregate. The GGBS binder was activated using sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide as alkaline activator solution. The Na2SiO3/NaOH (alkaline activator) ratio was taken as 2.5 and the concentration of NaOH solution was maintained at 10 M. The variables considered in this testing include: alkaline solution/binder ratio of 0.40, 0.45, and 0.50 and varying volume proportion of coconut shell as coarse aggregate (CSA) 1:1.8:0.5, 1:1.8:1.0, 1:1.8:1.5, 1:1.8:2.0, 1:1.8:2.5, 1:1.8:3.0, 1:1.8:3.5, and 1:1.8:4.0. The microstructural properties were evaluated using SEM and EDS on the mix with varying volume of CSA. The alkaline solution/binder ratio and percentages of coconut shell used are found to be most influential parameters for improving properties of the light weight concrete based on geo polymers concrete and waste coconut shell.

Title: Determinants and effects of homestead gardening on income, and decision making power of rural women in Bangladesh

Abstract:The involvement of rural women in homestead gardening may play a vital role in boosting income and decision making power of rural women. To find out the determinants of homestead gardening and its effects on income, decision making, and empowering of rural women performed this study. A total of 150 women were interviewed and both descriptive and econometric model was used to analyse the data. For comparing mean values between two groups Mann- Whitney test, to analyze the adoption factors the probit model, and to rank the problems faced by respondents Problems Confrontation Index (PCI) were used. The results revealed that age, year of schooling, and farm size have positively influenced on homestead gardening. The annual income of growers\' group was 40% higher than the non-growers group. Women in grower groups gained more power to decide on household production, access to credit and offspring education. Women’s empowerment indicators namely control over income, ownership of assets and participation in social activities were significantly reflected in growers’ group.Women practice homestead gardening potentially increased household food production and its generated higher income, thus helps to get more attorneys on taking decisions which directly reinforced women’s empowerment.

Title: Assessment of Malaria High Risk Areas using Geographical Information System (GIS), Case Study- South Darfur State- Sudan

Abstract:This study is aimed to determine the changes in spatial distribution of malaria and identify malaria trouble spot for health centers level in an endemic state using a geographical information system (GIS). In order to swift retrieval of malaria information, and give priority to malaria control in identified trouble spot. In this study, an information management system was organized based on malaria data from 2008 to 2014, these data were collected and analyzed to determine the annual blood rate of malaria, the annual parasite index, and the proportion of sickle cell plasmodium for each health center in the state. Maps were created using GIS techniques and integrated to highlight malaria hot spots. Out of a total of 21 centers, GIS identified 10 hot spots at frequent high risk of malaria based on annual blood examination rate (>10%), annual parasitic incidence (>5) and Plasmodium falciparum (>30%) consistently for 7 years from 2008 to 2014. Hotspot maps derived using GIS draw attention to the most-endemic areas, helping to predict malaria and prioritizing programming of the reward process. The GIS model used in this study could be applied in diverse areas to determine the malaria hot spots and high risks.

Title: Does Service Quality ensure customer Satisfaction in Mr Bigg`s, Nigeria?

Abstract:�Outside eating� and �quick meal� is a widespread practice in Nigeria and Mr Bigg�s is one of the first chains of fast-food restaurants in Nigeria. With tremendous experience, Mr Biggs is serving its customers. Over the time customer eating habit has been changed, their perceived value (CPV) has shifted, new food items have been introduced, and technology has created an effect. The study examines how service quality (SQ) ensures customer satisfaction in Mr Bigg�s. There is no conspicuous study in Nigeria that works on this issue. The study focused on customer satisfaction (CS) of Mr Bigg�s through its service quality. Previous studies showed that the pressure of modern lifestyles has a negative effect on health and may cause high-stress levels and solicit for relaxing and excursion. A quick meal can contribute to reducing monotony. The questionnaire was adopted from the study of Giritlioglu et al. (2014) with some required adjustments. The study collected data from 219 respondents from Abuja, Jos, Bauchi, Lagos and others with a structured questionnaire having 46 questions (41 statements and five demographic information). Data was collected through a questionnaire at judgmental sampling technique (non-probability and purposive). Collected data were checked and analysed using SPSS and PLS-SEM (SmartPLS), respectively. Exploratory data analysis includes such primary checkings such as missing value treatment, data normality test, homoscedasticity checking, linearity test, autocorrelation checking and collinearity. A measurement model and structural model were tested using SmartPLS software and found model fit. The findings revealed that SQ has an impact on CS significantly. CPV partially mediated the relationship between SQ and CS. The study adopted two theories EDT (expectation disconfirmation theory) and SERVQUAL Model. The findings supported are those of previous studies and the theoretical assumptions of theories. The findings might provide some insights for Mr Bigg�s and other fast-food restaurants in developing countries. Mr Bigg�s may be recommended to focus on customer satisfaction by responding to some loopholes in its service quality. A new fast business may be suggested to develop and establish service-based businesses. Finding the relationship between fast food service quality and customer satisfaction while customer perceived value partially mediates this relationship is the significance of the study. A small number of respondents and only a few branches of Mr Bigg�s is one of the limitations of this study. Price of food, advertisement, social media effect may be considered in future research.

Title: Investigation on mechanical and tribological properties of AA5083/Gr/BN and AA5083/Gr/Al2O3 hybrid composites for marine applications

Abstract:Aluminum alloy AA5083 is attracted in naval architecture field to fabricate ship and boat due to its high corrosive resistance behavior with sea water. In this investigation, AA5083 was reinforced with graphine (Gr), boron nitride (BN) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) partilces using stir casting method and the mechanical and tribological behavior were analyzed for naval architect applications. Mechanical study showed that the AA5083/Gr/Al2O3 composite exhibited a maximum tensile strength and hardness of 317 MPa and 153 HB at 16wt% Al2O3 respectively. Tribological study displayed that the wear rate of AA5083/Gr/Al2O3 and AA5083/Gr/BN composites depended on applied load and sliding velocity. AA5083/Gr/BN composite showed more wear rate compared to that of AA5083/Gr/Al2O3 composite due to the reinforcement of the composite with lower hardness BN particle. Hence, as the AA5083/Gr/Al2O3 composite showed improved tensile and hardness properties and displayed less wear, this could be a suitable material to be applicable in naval architecture field.