Title: A comparison of score equating conducted using Haebara and Stocking Lord method for polytomous data in national examination of Indonesia

Abstract:The purposes of this research are: 1) to compare two equalizing tests conducted with hebara and stocking lord method; 2) to describe the characteristics of each equalizing test method using windows’ IRTEQ program. This research employs a parsipatory approach as the data are collected through questionnaires based on the National Examination Administration of 2016. The samples are classified into group A and group B respectively by 449 and 502 respondents. This paper discusses how to equalize shared items using achor method with a set of instruments in the forms of 35 questionnaire items and 6 shared items. In addition, the researcher also uses PARSCALE to estimate each respondent’s skills and each item’s characteristics. The shared items are eventually equalized using IRTEQ program. The results show that there is a significant difference between those conducted using Haebara method (0.592) which produces bigger mean-sigma value and Stocking & Lord (0.00213). Thus, the results show that the shared testing items may improve respondents’ discrimination and increase the difficulty level (parameter b). Due to the availability of shared items, it is good and approprite to equalize two different tests on different theta skills.


Abstract:Varias de las especies silvestres de la familia Felidae se encuentran en riesgo y el tamaño poblacional es uno de los parámetros ecológicos más importantes para determinar acciones efectivas de conservación. El tamaño poblacional está determinado por diferentes factores, tanto bióticos como abióticos, que en conjunto satisfacen los requerimientos de los individuos para sobrevivir y reproducirse, permitiendo la permanencia de las especies a través del tiempo. Debido a que el tamaño poblacional de una especie no es homogéneo a lo largo de su distribución, se han formulado varias hipótesis para explicar sus variaciones. Una propuesta considera que las poblaciones más grandes se ubican en las regiones con mayor idoneidad ambiental y el número de individuos decrece hacia las menos favorables. Otra hipótesis considera que el tamaño poblacional está relacionado con la estructura interna del nicho ecológico, en donde las poblaciones más grandes están ubicadas en el centroide del nicho y el tamaño declina conforme aumenta la distancia a éste. El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la relación de la abundancia poblacional con la idoneidad ambiental y el nicho ecológico en cuatro especies de felinos silvestres de América. La densidad del lince Lynx rufus se correlacionó positivamente con el índice de idoneidad ambiental, la mayor densidad de jaguar Panthera onca se ubicó en regiones cercanas al centroide del nicho, mientras que las densidades poblacionales del ocelote Leopardus pardalis y del puma Puma concolor no se ajustaron a las predicciones de ninguna de las dos hipótesis. La relación entre densidad de felinos con las características ambientales puede ser de manera especie-específica y no como un patrón generalizado.

Title: Influence of Compaction Methods on Performance of Pervious Concrete

Abstract:A wide range of variation has been observed in sampling techniques of pervious concrete specimen in terms of compressive strength, porosity and void ratio. Though, mix design play an important role for such variation, compaction method and energy supplied to mixture is also one of the reason that influence the performance of pervious concrete. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of compaction on performance of pervious concrete samples, so as to produce consistent specimen of desired porosity and strength. Specimens were prepared with a constant water-cement ratio (W/C) of 0.3 and three types of aggregate-cement (A/C) ratios 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5. All the mixtures were designed as per ACI guidelines with three different compaction methods namely rodding, static load and pneumatic vibration. Effects of compaction methods on mechanical as well as hydrological performance of pervious concrete were studied. Results demonstrate the influence of compaction methods on different pervious concrete specimen.


Abstract:This study discusses the issue of bullying related to ethnic-racial issues in the workplace. The objective was to understand the subjective meanings of the perception of black and white men and women with an interpretivist and social constructivist view, considering intolerance and violence in the companies where the subjects work. The chosen method was qualitative, supplemented by simple statistical analysis with an exploratory and descriptive character. Semi-structured interviews were applied to black workers linked to different companies, with different hierarchical levels and randomly selected by accessibility criterion. The data collected, analyzed and inductively interpreted demonstrated that workers perceive racial intolerance and violence in the workplace, and suffer frequently and constantly from this type of behavior. The results of the research contribute to the debate on bullying and indicate the possibility of future research related to the matter, given its social, academic and organizational relevance.


Abstract:In the modern world sustained growth in demand and supply of rare earth metals is preserved according to directives of progress in science and technology. Rare earth elements are becoming increasingly integrated in new technologies, especially within the clean energy, military and consumer electronics sectors. At the same time, the world market of rare earth raw materials is monopolized by China, and this fact causes the volatility of international prices. One of the most significant component of modern innovative rare earth mineral resource potential of Russia is techogenic raw materials sources, which is associated with the processing of phosphogypsum, the waste of production of apatite concentrate. The processing of phosphogypsum with the extraction of rare earth oxides is not carried out in commercial size due to undervaluation of economical efficiency of capital investment project.\nThe traditional positions of valuation of economical assets, which involve the calculation of measures of efficiency, are described in the article. The project implementation of recycling, in addition to economic benefits, also has a significant impact on social and ecological well-being. This increases the value of projects and should be taken into account when making investment decisions. For comprehensive assessment of these projects authors propose to use Cost-Benefit Analysis, which involves the calculation of two components of the net present value of the project - financial and economical. In such a way, the economical net present value reflects the monetization of the environmental effect from reducing the harmful environmental impact of waste, thereby enabling the project to be more efficient.

Title: Implementation of Mouse Cursor Movement and Clicks Control By Pupil

Abstract:—This paper proposes a method to control the mouse\ncursor by means of pupil-position co-ordinates. Currently, the\nmouse control with pupil is possible with either dedicated\nhardware or infrared cameras. There is no available method\nto control the mouse by using an ordinary web camera so that\neveryone can afford it. We have worked upon a method that\nenables us to control mouse with pupil without any dedicated\nhardware or infrared camera.\nOur method involves the movement of cursor by the point\nof gaze on the screen. The point of gaze is calculated by\nestablishing a complex relationship between the current and\nprevious positions of left & right pupil, the screen resolution\nand the resolution of camera. The left and right clicks of the\nmouse control are implemented by using gaze dwell time. The\nleft click is enabled for a smaller dwell time and the right click\nis enabled for a little longer dwell time. This paper thus attempts\nto challenge the conventional mouse control so as to enable the\nphysically disabled to be able to use the computer.\nThe results show us an accurate detection of pupils of both\neyes in different head positions. Once the pupil is detected, the\nmouse cursor moves smoothly and covers entire screen area. The\nleft and right clicks using the gaze dwell time are also in place\nand works well in all areas of the screen.

Title: Does austerity work? The changes for improved EU economic governance

Abstract:This article analyses the architecture of economic governance designed in the EMU prior to the crisis and the new elements introduced into the framework of economic intervention while facing the crisis. After comparing the Economic policy for official and alternative exit strategies, we use econometric regression to show the clear correlation between the intensity of austerity plans (estimated by the changes in the structural balance introduced by discretional fiscal policy since 2009) and the trend in output in euro area countries. This article concludes asserting that the architecture of economic governance in the EU has demonstrated serious failings in its ideological and institutional aspects and that more and bolder policy action is needed.

Title: Evaluation of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in Patients with DentureInduced Fibrous Hyperplasia

Abstract:Background: The aim of the study is to investigate whether Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)\nDNA has any role in fibrous hyperplasia (DIFH) caused by the prosthesis.\nMethods: Oral samples of 32 patients with DIFH and 20 patients without DIFH were collected.\nThe samples were investigated using Anyplex TMII HPV28 kit, which was capable of 28 HPV\ngenotypes in terms of HPV DNA presence. Amplifications were performed by using CFX96\nreal time PCR instrument\nResults: No statistically significant difference was observed between DIFH and without DIFH\ngroup in terms of the gender (p>0.05). Three (5.76%) of 32 samples (2 female and 1 male)\nshowed HPV DNA positivity. HPV genotypes were found in three patients which were HPV33,\nHPV 39 and HPV 42 genotypes. The control patients did not show HPV DNA presence.\nConclusion: In our study, only DIFH group demonstrated the presence of HPV. The dentists\nare suggested to be aware of possible HPV genotype associations with high or low risk in DIFH. \nLarge-scale prospective human studies are needed for clarification of the role of HPV presence\nin DIFH.

Title: Detection of Epstein-Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus in Patients with Odontogenic Cyst Fluids

Abstract:Background: The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence and role of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in Radicular Cysts (RCs) and odontogenic keratocysts (OKCs) fluid specimens. \nMethods: We randomly selected 54 patients with odontogenic cysts (OCs), of these patients 34 had OKCs and 20 had RCs. All samples were investigated for the presence of EBV and CMV-DNA by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). \nResults: There was a significant gender difference between OKCs and RCs (p<0.05). The levels for EBV and CMV were similar in patients with OKCs (59% vs 65%, p>0.05) and RCs (41% vs 30%, p>0.05). Considering the coexistence of both viruses, no statistically significant difference was detected between both cyst groups (p>0.05). The presence of both viruses separately was detected at higher levels in patients with OKCs compared to those with RCs (47% vs. 35%). EBV positivity in RC group was higher than CMV (p≤0.05). \nConclusions: The higher presence of EBV in both cyst groups detected in our study suggests that EBV may be explained as an etiologic co-factor in OCs derived from odontogenic epithelial residues. Furthermore, prevelance of higher EBV positivity in the RC group suggests that RC may be a reservoir for systemic EBV infection for periapical lesions.

Title: Interconnected Power System Alleviation Based On Economic Automatic Generation Control Incorporating Unified power flow controller

Abstract:The overall aim of this paper is to investigate the benefits of a corrective method of electric system overloading provided that the wind farm is integrated in the distribution system. There have been observed significant impacts, congestion in system branches, overloaded transmission lines and weak elements appearance. Overloading of any transmission line for an extended period of time may lead to a cascade failure and if the N-1 reliability is not satisfied the total system can fall in a blackout. In this work we attempted to mitigate the overload and to monitor flow over transmission lines using a combination of two techniques: an economic load dispatch ED based on automatic generation control AGC and Unified power flow controller UPFC device insertion. The fundamental point of this study is the transmission line alleviation. In addition, other targets are realized: the load shedding avoidance, keeping frequency at its nominal value, and minimization of the operation cost and losses. This study is designed to utilize Power World Simulator software to demonstrate methods for relieving transmission overloads and conducting power transactions between interconnected systems. We tested this combined technique on IEEE 7 bus test system. Obtained results showed an improvement in the power system behavior. Simulation results are exposed, discussed and compared at the end of this paper.