Abstract:Blind source separation (BSS) is a research hot topic in signal processing because itaims to separate a set of source signals from a given set of observed or mixed signals. In thispaper, we use Gaussian filter to smooth the mixed signals, adopt a simplified cost functionbased on signal to noise ratio (SNR) and obtain the demixing matrix by resolving thegeneralized eigenvalue problem without any iterations. The model of the proposed algorithm issimple and easy to implement. The simulation results in visible light communication (VLC)show the good performance of the algorithm at high signal to noise ratio cases.


Abstract:With the Internet expanding faster and the mind- boggling flow of data into the Internet, data sifting tech- niques such as Recommender Systems have become comprehensive. Collaborative -Filtering (CF) based Recommender systems are supposed to perform well in domains where data is sparse. However, the un- common information or anomalies, termed as outliers must be removed to get better accuracy. Comparison of the three outlier detection techniques, the distance- based outlier, density- based outliers and subspace outliers show that the density- based outliers outperforms the others in terms of accuracy.

Title: Differences in pregnancy complication in a recurrent pregnancy loss patient who was treated combination aspirin and heparin

Abstract:Aim: The study aimed to describe combination administration of low dose aspirin with unfractionated (UF) heparin maintained the pregnancy until fetal viability. Late-onset preeclampsia and intrauterine growth retarded (IUGR) could not be prevented by a combination of these drugs. \nMethods: This was a retrospective case 2 times pregnancies of a minor thalassemia patient with habitual abortion (P0A5). Preventive treatment, prenatal diagnosis, outcome and pregnancies complication were reviewed. Results: After re-evaluation, the patient has a minor thalassemia with a high platelet count and platelet hyperaggregation. In the 6th and 7th pregnancies, low dose aspirin (80 mg) and Heparin combination therapy which was initiated since early of gestation could prevented abortion, preeclampsia or IUGR before 34 weeks (early onset), but could not prevented preeclampsia or IUGR after 34 weeks (late onset). In the sixth pregnancy there were pregnancy complications in the form of IUGR with a birth weight of 1900 grams and mild club foot. Whereas in the 7th pregnancy, severe preeclampsia appeared late onset with neonatal postpartum weight within normal limits. \nConclusions: The combination of UF heparin with a low dose of aspirin can maintain pregnancy until fetal viability. Late-onset IUGR and late-onset preeclampsia cannot be prevented by the combination of these drugs.Thrombocytosis in pregnant patients aggravates platelet hyperaggregation such that combination therapy is needed.

Title: Determinant of Rectangular (n-1) � n Matrix

Abstract:In this work, X E is assumed to a (n -1) x n rectangular matrix and a theorem about\nits determinant is deduced . It is found that with the\nincrease of matrix order, the calculation time of determinants of this type of matrix with this\ntheorem is relatively less than that by using original definition.

Title: Radiation Content And Radiation Doses In Some Construction Components Used In Jordan

Abstract:The radioactive nuclei accumulation of different kinds of construction components used in buildings in the northern area of Jordan, were analyzed using a high purity germanium detector (HPGe). Accumulation of radioactive nuclei of (238U92, 235U92, 232Th90, 226Ra88 and 40K19) in Bq.kg-1 were found in ranges (1.7-66.1, 0.02-1.7, 0.3-11, 1.22-65.8 and 8.1-69.4) respectively. The mean values of the radium equivalent activities (Req), gamma absorption dose rate and effective dose of absorption per year were calculated. Our results were analyzed and compared with other results performed in other countries. Results are, with one exception, in accordance with the recommended world values .


Abstract:Blind source separation (BSS) is a research hotspot in the field of signal processing. This scheme is widely applied to\nseparate a group of source signals from a given set of observations or mixed signals. In the present study, the Savitzky-Golay\nfilter is applied to smooth the mixed signals, adopt a simplified cost function based on the signal to noise ratio (SNR) and obtain\nthe demixing matrix accordingly. To this end, the generalized eigenvalue problem is solved without conventional iterative\nmethods. It is founded that the proposed algorithm has a simple structure and can be easily implemented in diverse problems.\nThe obtained results demonstrate the good performance of the proposed model for separating audio signals in cases with high\nsignal to noise ratios.

Title: Prospective Study of the Hcv-RNA Genotype 3a Diagnosed Patients Treated With Sofosbuvir and Peg Interferon Alpha-3

Abstract:Background: Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) is a global health emergency. Every year, thousands of individuals suffer from HCV. HCV if not treated, may manifest severe hepatic complications, many of which have fatal outcomes. Various therapeutic strategies are currently used to eradicate the virus from the patient�s body. Treatment of the HCV patient depends largely on the genomic typing. The aim of the present study is to assess the comparison between Sofosbuvir and Peg-Interferon alpha in patients diagnosed with HCV RNA genotype 3a. Methodology: A prospective case cohort study has been conducted in District Headquarter Hospital, Sargodha, Pakistan. Patients diagnosed with HCV genotype 3a were enrolled in the study and randomly divided into 2 groups. Group I was assigned Sofosbuvir 400 mg and group II Peg-Interferon alpha 3 million units. Both the groups were also administered ribavirin. The study was conducted for a period of 24 weeks and efficacy was determined by the decline in the viral RNA load. Results: Each group had 50 patients of which majority were males. Compared to males, females had higher viral RNA load. However, the efficacy of both the treatment drugs was similar in both the genders. Comparatively, Sofosbuvir group showed better efficacy than Peg-Interferon group with significant difference in mean HCV RNA at the end of the study (p < 0.05). Conclusion: Although, Sofosbuvir and PEG-Interferon both demonstrated efficacy in reducing the viral RNA load, Sofosbuvir is more efficacious and better tolerated in the management of HCV RNA genotype 3a infection.

Title: Study of Dynamic Property of Modified Savonius-Type VAWT with 5 Blades in Varying Wind Speed by CFD Simulation

Abstract:In this paper, the dynamic properties of the modified Savonius – type\nvertical axial wind turbine (VAWT) with 5 blades in wind speed range of 6.0m/s to\n12m/s are studied by using CFD simulation with FLUENT software and taking the\npower efficiency as target function so as to obtain its optimal state. The critical length\nof the simulation region is studied as well. As compared to the original Savonius –\ntype VAWT, the advantage of the modified Savonius – type VAWT is the sufficient\n“blank space” in the central part of the wind turbine, which allows wind go through\ndirectly and thus overcome the mutual shading effect of blades, and hence the energy\nefficiency of the windmill increase.\nIt found that the optimal rotor’s rotation rate of the modified Savonius – type\nVAWT with 5 blades increases with inlet wind speed linearly, and the maximum\npower efficiency increases with inlet wind speed exponentially, which approaches to\nabout 28% as the wind speed increasing to greater value; the critical length of the\nsimulation region increases linearly with inlet wind speed. The achievement is benefit\nto the design and optimization of VAWT.

Title: Seasonal variation of zooplankton in Amate amarillo, a tropical shallow microreservoir of Morelos, Mexico

Abstract:In the state of Morelos there are more than 154 lentic aquatic systems including lakes, lagoons, reservoirs and microreservoirs or “bordos”. These aquatic systems have not been the object of detailed limnological studies, in spite of their biological and economic importance. The aim was to analyze zooplankton composition, abundance and species richness at Amate amarillo microreservoir (called “bordo” in Spanish), Morelos, Mexico, and their relationship with environmental conditions between September 2010 and August 2011. Zooplankton samples were collected from two stations in the pelagic region of the aquatic ecosystem, monthly between September 2010 and August 2011. Environmental variables of water were measured. Fourteen zooplankton species were identified at the “bordo” which include ten rotifers, two cladocerans and two copepods. The most frequent species (100%) was Thermocyclops inversus, and the most abundant was Arctodiaptomus dorsalis (183 org l-1) in June. Among the cladocerans, Moina micrura was the most frequent (83%) and Diaphanosoma birgei the most abundant (39 org l-1) in June. The most abundant (in May) and frequent rotifer species was Brachionus havannaensis (220 org l-1 and 100%, respectively). The family Brachionidae had the highest species richness. The highest zooplankton abundances and species richness were recorded during the late dry season and early wet season. It is suggested that the structure of the local fauna is strongly influenced by microreservoir depletion and filling seasonal rhythms. Amate amarillo microreservoir is an eutrophic system, with warm water (20.9–27.1°C), high availability of dissolved oxygen (3–11.3 mg l-1), and high food availability for the tilapia, a local fisheries resource.

Title: Experimental setups on sample case furniture

Abstract:Various construction techniques are used in the joints of cabin-type furniture. A survey of research in the furniture field reveals that numerous studies on connectors exist. In this studies, the efficiency of connectors was investigated by applying diagonal compression, diagonal tension and bending tests on “L” and “T” type corner joint samples. It is possible to make predictions about the total case strength by applying the outcomes of these studies. In addition, there are studies concerning the sample case furniture. This paper gives a bibliographical review of the various experimental setups on sample case furniture.