Title: Impact of palliative care/medicine on realization of \

Abstract:Aim: to define the content, interpretation and understanding of palliative care / medicine in the context of the development of modern biomedicine with the priority of the role of protection and respect for human rights, while focusing on the categories of seriously ill and their implementation of \"the right to life\", \"the right to health\", and \"The right to death\".\nMaterials and methods: the study was conducted on the basis of the analysis of normative legal acts, jurisprudence, relevant scientific and statistical data that regulate the issues of palliative and hospice care, euthanasia and their interconnection. Comparative palliative care in different countries was based on theoretical sources, legislation of the countries and the \"Quality of Death Index\". The overview of the laws of the world was done and it was found that the country in which the euthanasia is legally possible; countries where it is not prohibited and the countries criminal law which establishes the prohibition of euthanasia with further punishment for its implementation.\nResults: The statistics of recent years show that the majority of diseases, which in the future lead to incurable diseases, in which both patients and relatives find themselves in the path of despair and fear. In such circumstances the need for palliative care constantly ascending aye. In this context, questions arise as to the understanding of the nature of palliative care / medicine as a combination of therapeutic measures or a decent completion of life linking these two areas with the realization of such rights as the right to life, health, and death. In the context of the latter, the understanding of the role and place of euthanasia is becoming apparent not only for the severely ill, but also for healthy people, based on the desire for a decent completion of life and the impossibility of committing suicide, which is a punishable act.\nThat is why the importance of palliative care/medicine is necessary, first of all, from the legal point of view and the protection of human rights, which is the priority of every democratic state.\nConclusions: palliative care/medicine must have a clear understanding and legal consolidation at both the international and national levels, based on the concept of essence \"pain\" through a set of measures to right ted for rehabilitation or worthy end of life, in a speech last activity search effective ways to avoid future life-threatening cases. Therefore, palliative aid/medicine serves some basis for the rights to a decent life worthy of death of people with the prospect of an overall strategy of healthy and decent life for future generations.


Abstract:The study of agricultural wastes into biomass is an approach on the way to the growth of alternative energy sources. Artocarpus Heterophyllus Leaves (AHL) powder can be utilized as an alternative energy source to coal. Densification of scum’s depends upon its physical properties and process parameters. In this article the influence of Moisture Content (MC) and Die Pressure (DP) on Relaxed Density (RD) of AHL Powder were studied. The investigation was carried out to explore the properties of fuel briquettes manufactured from AHL. The investigation on scientific model for a synthesized assessment was reputable according to response surface methodology (RSM). Based on the RSM, a most favorable method was preferred for a completely operational AHL briquette utilizing central composite design. ANOVA is utilized to find out the significant factor that influencing the relaxed density was die pressure compared to that of moisture content. From the numerical optimization, the ramp graph exposed that samples are effectively compressed at the pressure of 30.18 MPa and the moisture content of 17 % with relaxed density 733.075 kg/m3 and some useful conclusions were made.

Title: Calculation of Fast neutron Removal Cross-section and Gamma ray Attenuation for New composite Paste Shields

Abstract:In this work, fast neutron and gamma ray shield attenuation parameters have been calculated for new composite paste shielding with seven different concentrations of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and borax (BX) that are mixed with cement and sand. Computer program WinXCom has been used to calculate the total mass attenuation coefficients (µ/ρ) for gamma rays at energies from 0.01 MeV to 100 MeV. In addition, the fast neutron removal cross-sections (ΣR) are calculated using the cross-section database for used elements in the composites. The obtained results are used to calculate half value layer (HVL) and relaxation length (λ) as well. The calculated results were compared with experimental results and with all available concrete shields in literature. A reasonable agreements are found which indicated that the composite of 12.5% HDPY, 37.5% BX, has the most significant effect on dose rate reduction and has higher radiation attenuation parameters for neutron and gamma rays. In addition, this composite has the lowest thickness over all available shields, which 10 cm from this composite can attenuate 89 % of neutrons and gamma rays.

Title: Antibacterial Effect of Moringa oleifera, Cucurbita pepo and Citrillus colocynthis Extracts Against E. coli

Abstract:Abstract:\n\nThis study designed for evaluating the antibacterial effect of some herbal plant extracts against E.coli. The broth microdilution method used to determine the Minimal Inhibitory Concentrations (MIC) of the studied extracts. Methanol extraction method applied for Moringa oleifera leaves, Cucurbita pepo fruits, Cucurbita pepo seeds, Citrillus colocynthis seeds and Citrillus colocynthis fruits. After fractionation of these crude extracts, we found that, all methanolic extract of these plants had antibacterial effect on E.coli at MIC 640 μg/ml.On the other hand hexane extract of Moringa oleifera leaves, Cucurbita pepo fruits, Citrillus colocynthis seeds and Citrillus colocynthis fruits didn’t show any inhibitory zone for E.coli except Cucurbita pepo seed extract showed inhibition for E.coli at MIC 640 μg/ml. Choloroform extract of Moringa oleifera leaves, Cucurbita pepo seeds, Citrillus colocynthis fruits and Citrillus colocynthis seeds showed inhibition for E.coli at MIC 640 μg/ml, but the chloroform extract of Cucurbita pepo fruits didn’t show any inhibitory zone for E.coli. Also, we found that butanol extract of Moringa oleifera leaves showed inhibition for E. coli at MIC 1230 μg/ml while that of Cucurbita pepo fruit, Cucurbita pepo seeds, Citrillus colocynthis fruits and Citrilus colocynthis seeds had effects on E. coli at MIC 640 μg/ml.These results confirm the traditional claims and provide promising base line information for the potential use of the tested extracts in the fight against bacterial infections.


Abstract:In this paper, we use for the first time the GARCH-DECO (1,1) to investigate empirically the dependence between S&P500; index and the sixteen selected S&P GSCI commodities index. We employ daily prices of S&P500; and S&P GSCI commodities indices over the period from January 01, 2003 to December 31, 2015. From the empirical results, the conditional dependence between S&P500; and S&P GSCI commodities indices demonstrate the presence of highly volatility and validate the existence of a greatly time-varying variance in the dynamic equicorrelation between time serie returns obtained after the estimation of the GARCH-DECO (1,1) model. Besides, the conditional heteroscedasticity volatility prediction attains their maximum after the financial crisis of 2007, especially on both years 2008 and 2009. Our empirical finding indicates the existence of highly dependency between S&P500; and S&P GSCI commodities indices which prove the financialisation of US stock market indices and commodities.

Title: Treatment of recurrent malignant pericardial effusion

Abstract:Background: Malignant pericardial effusions may lead to tamponade. If a large pericardial effusion recurs after two pericardiocenteses, a large pericardial window creation should be performed even in asymptomatic patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of the creation of pericardiopleural window and posterior pericardiotomy in patients presenting with tamponade.\n Methods: A total of 25 patients with malignant pericardial effusion leading to cardiac tamponade treated by creating pericardiopleural window and posterior pericardiotomy through left mini-anterior thoracotomy incision were included in the study. \nResults: There were 17 men and eight women ranging in age from 30 to 81 with a mean age of 54.2±13.8 years. The left or right mini-thoracotomy was done according to accompanying pulmonary lesion. There were no intraoperative or postoperative mortality. Furthermore, there were no recurrent effusions in each patient after surgery. \nConclusion\nThe combined creation of pericardiopleural window and posterior pericardiotomy through mini-anterior thoracotomy incision was found effective to avoid development of possible tamponade recurrences due to ongoing malignancy. Therefore, PP should be performed in all patients requiring pericardiopleural window.


Abstract:Social behaviour of mice is very complex, particularly in laboratory conditions, even though the cages were designed to make keeping mice easy, with maximum control of the ambient and minimum stress. Fear and any type of agonistic behaviour are undesirable in controlled laboratory conditions, which may have significant impact on experimental results through stress expression, changed physiological reaction and/or abnormal behaviour. These phenomena, resulting from mice agonistic behaviour, need to be described and perceived.

Title: Content Validity of Evaluation Instruments to The Scientific Approach Program in Learning Biology

Abstract:ABSTRACT\n\n\nObjective: The objective of this research is to develop an evaluation instrument of scientific approach program in high school’s biology learning with good (valid) content validity.\nMethod: It is a development research which results a product, i.e. evaluation instrument of scientific approach in high school’s biology learning. The procedure applied for this research is descriptive and quantitative research. The stages of the research consisted of two main sustainable activities, they are: a) planning phase and b) trial phase. The planning phase consists of: initial data collection and instrument drafting. The initial data collection is done by: 1) surveying learning process of biology subject in the classroom; 2) reviewing relevant research results; 3) extracting information about scientific approach program in high school biology learning, and continued with drafting the instrument. The testing phase is expert validation. At this stage, research expert and education evaluation, as well as education practitioners are involved to the instrument readability test. Validation is done to know the instrument’s language substance and the fulfillment of evaluation requirements. This research uses validation content according to Aiken\'s formula.\nFindings: Based on the results of the research analysis, it can be concluded that the content validity of the evaluation instrument of scientific approach program in high school’s biology learning in this study is proved to be accurate and reliable. It is proven from the range number V obtained between 0 up to 1,00 and all are ≥ 0,8; it can be interpreted as a fairly high coefficient for these subcomponents and instruments. This means that both the subcomponents and the items have good content validity and support the validity of the overall test. \nImplications for Research and Practice: If the the evaluation instrument validity used in learning the scientific approach is good, it can be used to correct weaknesses or shortcomings in the high school’s biology learning process that has been done so far.

Title: The first catalogue of fungal species isolated from strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) plants grown in two localities (Moulay Bousselham and Louamra) in Morocco

Abstract:The present study reports the repartition of fungal species isolated from strawberry plant grown in Morrocan farms across the world. The fourty four species belong to four phylums Basidiomycota, Ascomycota, Zygomycota, Oomycota divided in 7 classes in which the sordariomycetes classe is represented by the majority of species (22), followed by Dothideomycetes (12), Eurotiomycetes (Aspergillus nidulans), Leotiomycetes (Botrytis cinerea), Zygomycetes (Rhizopus stolonifer) and Oomycetes (Phytophthora cactorum). Among these species, Botrytis cinerea and Colletotrichum acutatum widely dominate. In the other hand, this work confirms the apparition of new species on this crop in Morocco and somewhere else.


Abstract:Leadership is a subject that has been discussed within organizations and universities. It is a great challenge to make people capable of developing their skills, in special the leadership, and through them to achieve special results. This paper presents a research on how the subject is treated within universities by the opinion of students and professionals that had already finished their courses. An exploratory research was carried out and a questionnaire was answered by leaders and trainees from one of the units of a big industry. The results showed that the leadership has been discussed within the universities. 61% of the participants stated that they had subjects or activities that were directly or indirectly related to the leader role. The participants answered that identifying and developing people are the most important leader role, which is similar to a professor who, as a coach of students and future leaders, are not often prepared to develop this skill on people and students. Although the leadership is discussed or experienced in university courses, there is still a lack of discussion about this subject by teachers and students, so that professionals are actually formed and be capable of developing other people to face current global problems.