Title: Finite Element Analysis on the Response of Round-hole Tubes with Different Hole Diameters and Hole Directions Subjected to Cyclic Bending with Different Curvature Ratios

Abstract:In this paper, the finite element software ANSYS is employed to analyze the response (moment-curvature and ovalization-curvature relationships) of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy round-hole tubes (6061-RHTs) with different hole diameters of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 mm and hole directions of 0, 30, 60, and 90 subjected to cyclic bending with different curvature ratios of -1.0, -0.5, 0.0 and +0.5. From the experimental results, it can be observed that the moment-curvature relationship depicts a stable loop from the first cycle with a curvature ratio of -1.0. However, the moment-curvature relationship gradually drops and becomes stable after a few cycles with curvature ratios of -0.5, 0.0 and +0.5. The hole diameter and hole direction have little effect on the above behavior. The ovalization-curvature relationship depicts a ratcheting and increasing manner as the number of cycles increases for all curvature ratios. The hole diameter, hole direction or curvature ratio has a strong influence on the above behavior. In addition, a larger hole diameter, a smaller hole direction or a larger curvature ratio leads to a larger ovalization. Finally, by comparison of the ANSYS analysis and the experimental finding, it can be found that the ANSYS analysis can properly simulate the experimental data.


Abstract:Response mechanisms leakage currents on outdoor insulators when drizzling rains occur after the dry season are essential to predict the risk of flashover exposed to environmental pollution in ageing insulators. It can be used as initial information by network maintenance operators to act in the field. The main objective of this paper is to determine the effect of pollution accumulation and wetting on the surface of the insulator on the leakage current at the beginning of the rainy season after the dry season based on real-time monitoring. Monitoring was carried out on silicone rubber-SIR polymeric insulators and porcelain insulators installed on transmission towers or distribution lines on days with drizzling rain and no rain on ageing insulators. Based on the leakage current curve and statistical analysis results, drizzle during the day and night does not significantly affect the increase in leakage current in polymer insulators, except when the temperature is above 35oC, where the leakage current varies slightly over a wide range. Likewise, for porcelain insulators, the significance value, standard error, and determination value of R2 indicate a correspondence between leakage current and humidity, which means that there is a positive correlation between leakage current and moisture at the beginning of the rainy season with a significant value of P less than 0.05 (P < 0.05) and minimum standard errors of 0.028 and 0.044 for linear and exponential curves, respectively.


Abstract:The elderly i.e. people aged 60+ years is a sizeable segment in India. Advancing age brings several changes in lifestyle as well as social and consumption behavior however little is known about their leisure time activities. In particular, their inclination to adopt OTT video streaming platforms and the factors stimulating the same could be insightful to market players as well as it may make a vital contribution to the scarce literature in this area. The paper aims at - 1) exploring the profile of elderly adopters and non adopters of OTT platforms vis a vis factors such as – gender, working status, occupation, family life cycle stage, subscription, preferred content in traditional media (television),co-viewing of traditional media and; 2) identifying factors that stimulate the elderly consumers to adopt OTT video streaming platforms. Findings from a survey of 240 elderly respondents in NCR, India revealed a difference of pattern between adopters and non adopters with respect to the aforementioned factors. Furthermore, the results of discriminant analysis highlighted that the key predictors that led to adoption were – loss of interest in content from traditional media which is followed by low technology intimidation, interest in new age cinema, encouragement of spouse to adopt OTT platform and genre of interest as comedy. Given that the OTT landscape is going to get fiercely competitive in the coming years the OTT players can greatly benefit from the findings of this study which can guide them to captivate elderly consumers early as this segment can offer a better loyalty and stable base than their younger counterparts.


Abstract:Native chicken is one of the local chickens in Indonesia. Many chickens are kept by the \npeople of Indonesia as a producer of eggs and meat. Generally, the management of \ndomestic chicken rearing is external or public. Native chickens are usually given \nleftover feed or bran and will look for their own food around the house, garden and even \nforest. This research was conducted in Southeast Sulawesi with sampling locations \nnamely Kolaka Regency, North Kolaka Regency, Kendari City, South Konawe Regency, \nand Muna Regency. The purpose of this study was to determine the rate of introgression \nand genetic diversity of the external genetic characteristics of native chickens. About \n1750 native chickens were observed, with 875 males and 875 females. The variables \nthat will be observed are fur color, plumage color, feather pattern, feather flicker, shank \ncolor and comb shape. The method used to analyze the rate of introgression of exotic \nbreeds of Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn and Barred Plymouth Rock, native genes of \nlocal chickens, and genetic diversity or heterozygosity value. The results showed that \nthe highest percentage of gene frequencies in native chickens were colored feathers (ii), \ncolombian plumage color (ee), golden feathers flicker (ss), striated feather pattern (B_), \nblack and gray shank color (Idid). The authenticity of local chicken genes in native\nchickens reached 41.35%. The highest introgression rate was influenced by the Barred \nPlymouth Rock chicken gene 51.42%. The heterozygosity value of native chicken is \nstill high, namely 42.68%. To complete a set of their characterizations, further studies of \ntheir quantitative properties and molecular composition are required.

Title: Implementation Corporate Governance And Bank Characteristics Towards Performance Through Management Of Earning In Asean Conventional Banks

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of implementation of Corporate Governance and Bank Characteristics on Financial Performance through Profit Management of Conventional Banks in ASEAN. The population of this study is conventional banking in the ASEAN region, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam from 2015-2020. The results show that corporate governance has a significant effect on earnings management, bank characteristics have a significant effect on earnings management, and earnings management has no significant effect on financial performance. The findings of this study are a model that relates corporate governance and company characteristics to the practice of banking earnings management in ASEAN.\nKeywords: Commissaries independent

Title: Study the Very Early Smoke Detection Response Time between Prediction and Experiments

Abstract:In this study, we calculated the smoke detection and warning time by performing a smoke release experiment that used the very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA), and using fluid mechanics theoretical equations. The calculation results obtained via the two methods were subsequently compared, revealing that when the pipes in the VESDA were long and the number of sampling holes was large, the detection and warning time differed greatly from that calculated using equations. Therefore, related analyses were conducted to investigate this difference.

Title: Extent of responsibility of the limited partners in the limited partnership company in the Jordanian Companies Law

Abstract:This research deals with the definition of the concept of a limited partnership company in the Jordanian Companies Law and the share provided by the limited partner and his commitment to provide it. It discusses the responsibility of the limited partner for it and the limits of the responsibility of the limited partner for this partnership. And the extent of the responsibility of the limited partner if his name is mentioned in the company’s title, since this type of company is based on personal consideration, and the limits of this responsibility for the company’s internal and external business. And recommendations for this study, all in the Jordanian Companies Law.

Title: The Role of Mediation In Developing the Criminal Justice System

Abstract:Mediation is a mean used for resolving conflicts in criminal cases. It involves holding negotiations between the victim and the convict. The Public Prosecution Office is involved in this process. The success of the mediation process shall lead to providing the victim with a compensations for the damages derived from committing the crime. It shall lead to determining the method of rehabilitating the convict and closing the criminal case. That means that the judiciary is involved in the mediation process. However, the mediation process aims to reduce the amount of burdens enforced on the judiciary. Thus, it is beneficial for the judiciary, because it aims at resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner.

Title: Verification and Application of the Full-Scale Hot Smoke Test in an Ancient Chinese Building

Abstract:A Buddhist meditation center in Taiwan uses a natural smoke exhaust system to remove smoke from the meditation hall on the fifth floor. The ancient Chinese architectural style of the center limits the effective area of the smoke exhaust vents to only 1.1% of the floor area, violating Paragraph 7, Article 188 of the Standard for Installation of Fire Safety Equipment Based on Use and Occupancy [1]. The numerical simulation of performance-based smoke control is used as the basis of designing smoke exhaust systems for review and approval by Taiwan’s National Fire Agency. The post construction evaluation of such systems’ operational efficiency mostly involves visual inspection. This study used instruments for smoke measurement and quantitative comparison. Full-scale hot smoke tests involving fire sources in different locations were performed. The results are comparable to those of the numerical simulation.

Title: The Simulation of Smoke Control in the Traditional Chinese Buddhist Building

Abstract:Traditional Chinese Buddhist buildings are typically built with a five-ridge-four-slope roof covered with interlocking tiles, with no roof spaces or openings. Owing to the presence of the structure, mullioned windows placed above the ring beams usually do not meet the requirement of paragraph 7, Article 188 of the Standard for Installation of Fire Safety Equipment Based on Use and Occupancy [1], which specifies that “the vents shall have an opening measuring at least 2% of the area of the smoke compartment, and allow smoke to be naturally and directly exhausted outdoors.” This study applied a performance-based smoke management design to nullify the need for a mechanical smoke repelling system on the roof, thereby preserving the solemnity of Buddhist buildings.