Title: Diversity of endomycorrhizal fungi isolated from soil sites adjacent to Khouribga phosphate mines (Morocco)

Abstract:Objective: The objective of this study is to know the diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the soil sites adjacent to Khouribga phosphate mines (Morocco)\nMethods: Soil samples were collected from two localities, Hattaneand Merah Lahrach, in Khouribga Region (Morocco) nearby two operated sites of phosphates extraction. Five samples were randomly taken from the surface horizon (0-20 cm) for each locality and a composite soil sample of 2 Kg was made for each site. Physicochemical soil analyzes were realized and the wet sieving method was used to highlight spores. The identification of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi was based on the morphological characters of the isolated spores from soil.\nResults: This study revealed the presence of a variety of endomycorrhizal fungi at sites adjacent to Khouribga phosphate mines (Morocco). 70 species of endomycorrhizal fungi belonging to 8 families (Glomaceae, Gigasporaceae, and Acaulosporaceae, Diversisporaceae, Pacisporaceae, Dentiscutataceae, Scutellosporaceae, Entrophosporaceae) and 3 orders (Glomerales, Gigasporales, Diversisporales) were found at the sites of Hattane and Merah Lahrach. The spore density is respectively 100 and 40 spores / 100 g of soil. Glomus, Acaulospora, and Gigaspora are the most dominant genera, while Scutellospora, Entrophospora, Funneliformis, Pacispora, Dentiscutata and Rhizophagus are the least represented genera.\nConclusion: This study has shown the richness of soils adjacent to mining sites on endomycorrhizal fungi. It would be interesting to exploit them in the development of a composite endomycorrhizal inoculum to be incorporated into a phospho-compost based on phosphate wastes and organic residues.

Title: Improvement of conditions for communication and collaboration between researchers, commercialization of R&D: the experience of the Russian Federation�s regions

Abstract:The article presents a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the Russian Federation’s regions in terms of the created conditions for cooperation between research teams and the commercialization of scientists’ results of intellectual activity. The authors made an analysis of the estimated indicators, as well as the calculation of the integral index characterizing the given indicators. Case studies of the most developed regions are presented. The resulting conclusions can be the basis for the development of a regional environment that promotes scientific activity.

Title: Identification of INSIG1 gene variants in PANC-1 cell line

Abstract:Pancreas is a key organ in metabolic activities including insulin signaling and lipid homeostasis. Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), derived from exocrine part of the pancreas, is a devastating disease that ranks the fourth place in cancer mortality. Type 2 diabetes and obesity are determined risk factors that contribute to PDAC onset. INSIG1 is a well-identified gene involved in the onset of diabetes and obesity. Therefore, we aimed to identify variants of this gene in PANC-1 cell line to serve for future in vitro modeling studies of PDAC and metabolic disorders. In this respect, PANC-1 cells were subcultured followed by DNA isolation. All exons, exon-intron boundaries and untranslated regions of INSIG1 were PCR amplified, followed by Sanger sequencing that revealed 5 heterozygous variants from non-coding regions. Among these variants, 2 were novel (NM_005542.5:c.805-16delT and NM_005542.5:c.*2035G>A) and the remaining (NM_005542.5:c.-353T>C; NM_005542.5:c.804+37G>T; NM_005542.5:c.*2010G>T) were reported as common single nucleotide variations in conventional genetic databases. Our findings serve crucial information for future research of PANC-1 use in in vitro modeling, since recent research implicate the role of intronic and intergenic variants in the regulation of alternative splicing, gene expression and drug responses.

Title: The use of internet and hospitality in the hotels of the old road Estrada Real

Abstract:The following research presents a diagnosis of Internet use and hospitality in the hotels of old road of Estrada Real in the coverage the cities of Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais) to Paraty (Rio de Janeiro). The differences between them are of competitiveness since they affect the number of reservations in these hotels. A multiple case study was carried out involving 17 hotels from 7 cities in this way, performing semi-structured interviews, observation of processes, documentary analysis and the collection of data adopted in the formulation of this research. The interviewees were the managers and owners of the hotel units. The research shows the significant growth of Internet use in the hotels surveyed, the functions of websites and the business opportunities that have arisen and the increase in competitiveness. It also shows that the sector is increasingly integrated into the virtual world process, achieving success with customers.


Abstract:Interior design choices of gastronomy venues bear the traces of brand and branding. This study investigates the restaurant and cafe industry, due to the fast consumption of designed spaces in this industry. Interior design changes and renovation must take place for the businesses to survive and stay up to date. It examines how the gastronomy venues change in parallel to their geographical locations; and how they become standardised in locations with common characteristics investigated in this study. Furthermore, without following any standardisation process, how standardisation criteria and standardisation value are formed were also discussed in this study through a case study. It is evident from regular interior design changes and renovations that the venue itself also becomes a fast-produced and fast-consumed concept. The main objectives of the study are to identify stages of design of these venues which carry the traces of the brand itself and the hints of branding and to investigate the impact value of the established organisation strategies. Eziç Restaurant which makes economic investments and established a holistic perspective was chosen as the establishment to analyse in this study. It became a chain gastronomy venue that developed itself in such matters as; venue and service design, brand and branding.


Abstract:Analysing the philosophical background of Adolf Loos’s and Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, who are accepted as two of the most important architects of the Modern Era, would provide the grounds to clearly establish and contribute to some of the arguments of modern architecture. Thus, this research analyses the interior-exterior relationship in Adolf Loos’s and Frank Lloyd Wright’s building constructs with a focus on Adolf Loos’s and Frank Lloyd Wright’s building design perceptions, building construction methods and interior-exterior unity. Within this context, Adolf Loos’s “Steiner House” and Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater House” are discussed and analysed in terms of plan, sections and three-dimensional characteristics. The analysis is carried out based on architects’ approaches in applying open-planorganisation, the identities of the buildings, their characteristics, functionalities,and space creation processes. The findings suggest that two architects, who created many architectural works during the same period, have different perspectives on building design. Within this context, Loos’s design suggests buildings are supposed to be detached from the outside with an introvert design, with its self-contained privacy. On the other hand, Wright’s perception is just the opposite of Loos, where his designs are extrovert, in contact with its surroundings and have interconnecting spaces within the same building. These findings are supported by Wright’s and Loos’s selected designs.

Title: Frequency of organ specific and non-organ-specific autoantibodies in chronic Hepatitis C

Abstract:Background/Aims: Hepatitis C is not only a disease of the liver, but may also occur with many other diseases. Extrahepatic organ and tissues may be involved through different immunologic mechanisms. \nMethods: Totally 99 patients with Hepatitis C positive for anti-HCV by ELISA and for HCV-RNA by RT-PCR, were enrolled into the study. Anti-nuclear antibody (ANA), anti-smooth muscle antibody (ASMA), anti-mitochondrial antibody, liver-kidney microsomal antibody-1 (LKM-1), anti-double stranded DNA, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA), anti-endomysial antibody, anti-reticulin antibody were studied by indirect immunofluorescence, soluble liver antigen , anti-liver cytosolic antigen type 1, anti-mitochondrial antibody of M2 and anti-extractable nuclear antigens including Sm, RNP/Sm, Scl-70, SS-A, SS-B, Jo-1 were investigated by immunoblotting.\nResults: Nineteen chronic Hepatitis C patients were positive for ANCA (33%), 13 for ENA (23%), 14 for ASMA (24.5%), 6 for GPCA (10.5%), 3 for ANA, one each for AMA and LKM-1. GPCA, ASMA, ANA were more frequently in females, but ANCA and double antibody positivities were similar in both genders. No difference was found in autoantibody positivity related to age and genotype in groups.\nConclusion: Antibody positivity was high in Hepatitis C, this finding was not considered as a presence of autoimmune disease, but interpreted simply as serum antibody positivities.

Title: Making Terminal Ballistics Viewable using ballistic coefficients

Abstract:In recent years, shooting games and VR contents have been increasing, which needs to simulate as real as possible that certainly can boost immersion. The latest FPS genre offers a variety of guns and bullets. However the gunshot wounds in graphics seem less realistic because they use stereotyped images of guns. The marks of the target\'s bullet should be differently observed and represented according to the features of the rifles and bullets. Therefore, we propose a method to synthesize a 3D bullet shape, based on terminal ballistic technology that considers wound ballistics rather than stereotyped images of a gun and bullet. To solve this, we design the cavity featured by ballistic coefficients using modified Bresenham’s line algorithm and 3d spline.

Title: Fin de la historia y capitalismo digital. La nueva estructura del tiempo y las redes sociales. 1

Abstract:El artículo analiza la rearticulación del tiempo social moderno en el contexto de las transformaciones tecnológicos de las últimas décadas. Parte de la hipótesis de que el tiempo social moderno no fue capaz de imponerse plenamente, dando lugar a la clásica escisión entre lo que se ha denominado tiempo subjetivo y objetivo, siendo el primero un resto “natural” analógico del tiempo social premoderno, cuya representación habría dominado incluso en la forma de exponer el llamado tiempo objetivo, plasmado en la filosofía de la historia moderna como relato analógico del modo de producción capitalista y de la ciencia. La tecnología digital habría establecido las condiciones para suturar esa escisión e imponer finalmente un nuevo tiempo social que abandona los restos naturales y analógicos, generando una rearticulación que quedaría plasmada de forma eminente en dispositivos como las redes sociales.

Title: Bibliographic inventory of hallucinogenic mushrooms of Morocco

Abstract:An inventory of hallucinogenic mushrooms from Morocco has been developed on\nbibliographic bases. The analysis of all the work on this mycological flora shows that it\ncurrently contains about twenty-five species belonging to the order of the Agaricales and six\ndifferent families: Amanitaceae, Bolbitiaceae, Incertae sedis, Inocybaceae, Pluteaceae and\nStrophariaceae and to nine generea (Amanita, Conocybe, Panaeolus, Inocybe, Gymnopilus,\nPluteus, Deconica, Geophila and Psilocybe). All species were ranked according to the main\nradicals of the mycological classification