Title: H- Indexed Fault Sensitive Filter Design for Linear Discrete-time Uncertain DC Motor System

Abstract:This paper focuses on the design of H- indexed fault sensitive fault detection filter (FDF) for a linear discrete time-invariant system (LDTI) exposed to l2-normed bounded disturbance and system uncertainty. The proposed H- indexed filter ensures the stability in terms of Lyapunov function solved in linear matrix inequality (LMI) framework and maximizes the effect of fault, having the smallest magnitude, on the residual instead of attenuating the effect of unknown input. It is demonstrated through simulations that different type of sensor fault in a linear model of DC motor is robustly detected as quickly as possible.

Title: A Survey on Keyphrase Extraction in Text Mining

Abstract:Keyphrase extraction forms a critical task in text mining. Keyphrase extraction finds its applications in a host of research areas in Computer Science and Engineering. It enables the discovery of some of the essential terms in a document. The current work undertakes a survey of the existing papers on the topic of keyphrase extraction. The paper covers basics of Keyphrase extraction and its related technologies.

Title: Optimization of wire electro discharge machining parameters on Al-Li-Si3N4 metal matrix composite

Abstract:Wire electric discharge machining process is best suited for machining of harder materials. The present study focuses on optimization of operating parameters in wire electric discharge machining of aluminium reinforced with silicon nitride and lithium particles. Aluminium composite was produced through stir casting route with 2% of lithium, 10% of silicon nitride and the combination of 2% lithium and 10% silicon nitride. Experiments were performed based on Taguchi L27 orthogonal array design to optimize the selected input parameters such as pulse on time, pulse off time, current and wire feed for the response parameter material removal rate and surface roughness. ANOVA based regression equation is used for analysing the effect of input variable at each level over selected response variable. Grey relational grade is also performed to optimize multiple performance characteristics. Emphasis is given for material removal rate and surface roughness. Analyzed results reveal that wire feed is the significant input parameter for material removal rate followed by current and pulse on time. Considering the surface finish, pulse on time dominates more than pulse off time and current. Grey relational grade confirms that aluminium composite reinforced with lithium and silicon nitride shows better material removal rate and surface finish.

Title: Effect of Curcuma Longa Drink on Dysmenorrhea

Abstract:Abstract. Dysmenorrhea is a disease that is experienced by almost all women in the world. One cause of dysmenorrhea is related to menstruation in the absence of unidentified organic pathologists. The study tested the use of Curcuma longa drinks to reduce the pain of dysmenorrhea by comparing the home industry and researched concoctions. The method uses experiments with pre-test and post-test research designs. Research subjects are youthful women aged 15-18 years and will support this research project. The subject was 32 students who lived in the dormitory in the Pontianak. The results showed a significant difference in the administration of Curcuma longa drinks to the reduction of dysmenorrhea pain in adolescent girls (p ≤ 0.001).

Title: Managing the water frontage within the reopening after COVID 19 pandemic

Abstract:The launch of Khobar city plan, in the eastern provision of Saudi Arabia in 1947 as the first planned city marked a radical change in the concept of public space making. With the long water frontage area, the water frontage of Al Khobar city became strong magnet for different social interacting and tourist’s events (Eldardiry, 2012). In the time of lock-down due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the use of this space became dangerous and exposing for health hazards to the visitors, therefore the local authority lock-down the all water frontage areas due to the rapid increase of the infected people, the Government has stressed the closed for public parks and green spaces. (Health, 2020) Consequently, the residents lost one of the most important recreational area and a huge green open space in the city, which influenced negatively upon people to take exercise and even get fresh air. Moreover, economic disaster accrued for the business in this water frontage. A comprehensive thought was directed towards the way of dealing with this water frontage as the government steadily gradually releases the lock-down state. The primary target is not allowing the water frontage to be accessible to the public like before the COVID 19 pandemic. Despite the huge investments in the water frontage for long time, protecting people, safety spaces and healthy water frontage by controlling the transmission of the COVID 19 are the priority for the local authority. \nOn the beginning of July, systematically the local authorities started to open spaces with caution and monitoring the social distances. (Health, 2020) In general, they confirmed that it include the recreation spaces and amenities areas such as the water frontage (corniche) and its walkways, promenade, children playing areas, food services, cafes, etc. should be reopened and access but in limited visitors to ensure social distancing. The research discuss the precaution that should be done while reopening the water frontage of Al Khobar City, Saudi Arabia


Abstract:Now a days, Conventional Power System are evolving towards modern power system called as Smart System, where Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) is connected with storage system with a perfect flow of power and communication. For such system, power management is one of the most critical operation aspects. A microgrid consists of Photovoltaic, Wind as a generating source and Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) as a storage device in off-peak load period and generating source in peak load period for this study. Nevertheless, the PHS generation output value is low compared to the power of the input pump, which can account for the demand for peak load. The above-considered microgrid (PV-Wind-PHS) is implemented with a power management approach, which is called the Size Optimization Algorithm. The HRES modeling is performed in MATLAB environment, and the results are analysed.

Title: AZ91D as Sacrificial Anodes for Chloride Induced Corrosion

Abstract:This research work deals with the mitigation of corrosion of reinforcements in concrete structures, subjected to extreme exposure conditions, and protected using AZ91D sacrificial anodes. The experimental investigation involved casting two slabs 1.0 m X 1.0 m X 0.10 m using a steel reinforcement mat of 10 mm diameter and a centrally placed 22 mm diameter and 250 mm long AZ91D anode. One of the slabs was cast as reference slab while the other contained 3.5% NaCl by weight of cement. Half-cell potential (HCP) readings were taken at a regular interval of 10cm throughout the slab for 270 days to monitor the electrochemical potential. It could be concluded that the negative electrochemical potential in both cases increased towards the center, i.e. towards the anode, confirming the migration of chloride ions towards the anode. Further, a significant drop in negative potential could be observed in the slabs with an increase in the duration of sacrificial anoding.


Abstract:The objective of this work was to develop and evaluate composites based on recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), tire rubber waste and sugarcane bagasse waste as the reinforcement. The following compositions were used to prepare the composites: 50 wt% of HDPE, 20 wt% of tire rubber and 30 wt% of sugarcane bagasse. A coupling agent (MAPE) was utilized to improve the interaction between the hydrophobic and hydrophilic phases. Furthermore, sulfur was added to enhance the crosslinking of the rubber. Based on the obtained results, it was found that the addition of the coupling agent MAPE did not have a significant influence on the properties of the composites. However, the incorporation of sulfur did have an important effect on the mechanical and physical properties. Moreover, the results from the mechanical and physical tests revealed that the most appropriate conditions and proportions to prepare the composites are: 170 �C of temperature, 8 minutes of pressure time, 4 MPa of compression force, 0 wt% of MAPE, 3 wt% of sulfur. In the case of the workability tests, the composites were classified as good.

Title: Policy Implications in the Challenging Times for Pakistan’s Economy: The COVID-19 Episode

Abstract:Affecting over a million people around the globe in less than a quarter of the year, COVID-19 is increasingly becoming a serious threat and challenge for everyone. The WHO declared pandemic is terrifyingly affecting governance, social and economic affairs of all countries regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. Many economies are facing serious pressures in dealing with this pandemic particularly due to non-medical steps such as lockdowns being taken to curtail this outbreak of COVID-19. The study focuses on the economic implications of the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan where huge number of people have been affected and the state imposed partial lockdown in the country for over 3 months. This has resulted in closure of various industries and businesses and is having numerous implications in terms of its negative effect on various economic indicators such as growth rate, exports, remittances, imports, unemployment rates. For that matter, the government and the state bank are taking steps to overcome the economic ills of this global pandemic. The study is qualitative in nature where primary and secondary data have been used to meet the objectives. Interviews of various State Bank officials and Businessmen are held to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the already struggling economy of Pakistan. The data reveals that all economic indicators mentioned earlier are likely to experience a serious decline in near future and the pressures are already being observed. The state capacity due to already high debt and revenue shortfall is limited. Nonetheless, relaxation in various taxes, benefits to investors, decrease in interest rate, loans for businesses to discourage them from laying off employees are some of the steps being taken by stakeholders. However, the issue of this pandemic and the success of steps being taken to curtail or overcome this crisis are unpredictable. It is the time that all stakeholders globally come together and help those in relatively more crisis.

Title: Pandemics / Epidemics � A causal analysis

Abstract:Our modern and advanced culture is inviting knowingly or unknowingly many virulent viruses into our environment. These viruses are acting as game-changers of society. Since the epidemic COVID-19, has emerged into a pandemic, the world is under surveillance, especially on the fatality rate. Still, a battle is going on against invisible enemy, and research is progressing towards vaccination for this novel coronavirus. The fundamental structural changes in the environment are the root cause of many virulent diseases. The causal analysis of past and present epidemics and pandemics gives an insight into the impacts of deadliest diseases and strategies to prevent the same in the future